Yakuza Kiwami 2 is going to launch on PC, Release Date Revealed

Saiba Khan

The Same Action, Now available on PC

Finally guys, for the first time, Yakuza Kiwami is set to be released for PC. The famous publisher Sega has confirmed and this remake version make its way to Steam on 09 May 2019. So, get ready to pre-order this game now for only $30.

Introducing 4K Resolution

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is released on PlayStation 4 first in Japan before coming to the West on the same console in August 2018. However, 09 May is set for the release of this game on any other platform for the first time. The publisher says that the new version of this game is fully optimized for Microsoft Windows, featuring stunning 4K resolution and also unlocked frame-rates, changeable controls, and robust visual options.

Additionally, if you make a purchase now, you’ll get access to the complete Clan Creator Bungle DLC, offering Super Rare Clan Creator Leaders and Packs, as well as outfits, exclusive weaponry, and more.  


Yakuza Kiwami 2 deals with Action-Adventure game genres, offering an exciting gameplay. It serves as the remake version of the 2006’s Yakuza 2 video game and it is the 2nd remake video game in the series following the Yakuza Kiwami released in 2016. Taking place in an open world and lets you navigate the land from a third-person viewpoint. Furthermore, like the previous remake game, it revolves around the same storyline structure, while introducing new gameplay elements and also improvements from the later releases, as well as story aspects revolving around confusing plot.


After leaving his former life, the protagonist is called back into action when the fifth Chairman of Clan named Yukio Terada is brutally slaughtered by assassins from a vicious organization, known as Omi Alliance. Upon coming to Kamurocho, the action hero, Kiryu will discover a new chairman for the Tojo Clan and then he embarks on a mission to prevent the massive fight between the Omi and the Tojo, bringing him into vicious fight with Ryuji Goda.

Coming to PC

PC Gamers get ready to experience the action-packed gameplay with Yakuza. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows via Steam on 09 May, 2019.

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