“Uninstall, moron..” or another day in the world of tanks


Soooo, welcome reader!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Remigijus, and I’m a gamer. Got ill long time ago. Today I start my new journey as gaming reviewer (note for myself – I need to prefer easier title for it..).
So, basically I’ll do what other gamers do – build PC’s, play games and buy gear. Hopefully, I will be a bit better at it 🙂

As You may guessed from the title, today I want to talk about well known game – world of tanks.
A lot of game developers should learn a thing or two from Wargaming team. They have created a product, which can be played at 100+ FPS on 10 years old computer. It’s really impressive optimisation.
That means that wider range of users can enjoy this video game. I think, from technical side they need to improve only on lagging during events.

And noooow, let’s talk a bit about gameplay.

At the moment You double-click WoT icon, that intro brings a lot of excitement to Your veins. Yes, You are commander and You will lead Your team to the victory! Buuut, what’s that? You’ve rushed a bit, Your tracks have been damaged, and oh now..You are dead. And then it begins – chat burns from those five letters “MORON”.
I bet until world of tanks, this word was used about 10 times less. It’s funny, but for some none English players, this is the only word they know in English. This game became one of the saltiest in the market and it will get even denser. Like the “Dead sea of noobs”.

One more topic – match maker. I guess there’s no need to comment it a lot. Just tried to penetrate Maus with stock weapon of T-34-2. Wargaming, I dare You, give me Your BEST player who can win with 128mm penetration against MAUS. It’s like throwing rocks at it.

It’s just one of the examples.  There’s a lot of space for improvements, and I hope WG will manage better ways to team up players.
It’s the biggest issue. People became salty because of inequality in skills.

That’s all folks, sorry for non-constructive opinion. I’ll try to do better next time.

Image source: Wargaming

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