Valheim Review – Explore, Craft, Fight, and Build

Saiba Khan

Suppose it’s your first trip across the massive sea on a small raft, and your only companion is your small torch-light at night. Surely, you are feeling vulnerable because you have never left your island before. Besides that, you don’t know what to do next. The same thing is happening in Valheim, where you assume Viking’s role aims to explore the land from a third-person viewpoint to gather resources from the surrounding and build a workbench and shelter to survive longer. The game supports both Single-player and Co-op components and casts you as a battle-slain warrior. For further details, keep reading our Review on Valheim.

Welcome to the 10th Norse World

The Norse World doesn’t need your help because this time, you are in trouble. The area is besieged by deadly creatures of ancient monsters and chaos of evil kings, aiming to destroy everything that comes on their way. You are chosen as a new custodian who is tasked with slaying the ancient rivals of Odin to restore the peace. Furthermore, the world is randomly generated where you can move freely from a third-person to discover mystical lands, ranging from mysterious jungles to stunning meadows.

Moreover, it comes with a blend of Role-playing, exploration, and survival game elements. Besides that, the open-world environment seems organic; however, the game remains grounded in realism that includes experience in tangible ways.

Venture through Jungles and Mountains

As mentioned above, the open-world environment keeps you engaged for endless hours of fun by offering luxuriant areas. Seriously, you won’t feel bored because dozens of jobs to perform you aren’t limited to your survival only as to keep progressing you have to build a house, craft weapons, and make your hold to an area strong.

Gameplay – Be a Viking

In the game, you are a Viking and start your journey in an afterlife where you are tasked to craft useful tools, create shelters, and battle enemies to survive. The game uses 3D graphics and features an extensive combat system influenced by action titles. Making any mistake may give you punishment because the system is there, so you should play living in the said rules and never try to exceed. No one knows what happens if they make any mistake.

Co-op Gameplay and Player versus Player (Optional)

9 to 10 players play simultaneously in Co-op mode to see that who have the best survival skills; apart from that, you can put your crafting, building, and creative skills to test. Different biomes will unlock as the player progresses throughout the game, including the following:

  • Meadows
  • Swamp
  • Black Forest
  • Plains
  • Ocean
  • Mistlands
  • Deep North
  • Ashlands
  • Meadows

Remember that biomes come with unique and difficulty level, containing different enemies, vicious bosses, and items. Giving the option of choosing the combat ranges between two-handed weapons and close combat is appreciable by players. In close combat, you can only use weapons like sword, shield, and long-ranged bows.


Valheim comes with outstanding features like Co-op PvE, Block-based Combat System, Vengeful Primordial Bosses, and Base Building System. All said features are enough to help you survive longer only if you know how to use them. Furthermore, creating a workbench is compulsory, and keep it updated by unlocking recipes will help you survive ease. Besides that, I liked the way developers represent the graphics, and the extensive combat system is Waoooo. Fame and Glory await you on a journey full of suspense, thrill, and action. would love to give 9 out of 10 to Valheim. To read our Hitman 3 Review, follow the link.

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