Ubisoft prefer Epic Store over Steam for The Division 2 release

Saiba Khan

Epic Games has successfully taken a title of Big Store today with the confirmation of a partnership with the Ubisoft. Soon, you will see several future PC releases of Ubisoft that comes to the Epic Game Stores, and not to Steam. The deal will start in March with the release of The Division 2, reported by Polygon.

According to Ubisoft

Ubisoft stated, “Currently, we’ve no plans on releasing the title Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on Steam.” Epic and Ubisoft will team up on further selected titles, coming to the Epic Games Store, to be confirmed during the coming year.

Chris Early Comment

In an announcement, the Ubisoft Vice President of Partnerships named Chris Early reveals that they entrust Epic Games to deliver an exciting journey for our fans. Epic Games start to reform the video game industry, and their third-party Digital Game Distribution is the best and latest example. That’s the reason, Ubisoft wants to support Epic Games.   

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 video game had been featured on Steam, and you can still see in the Steam Database, but the main page of this product has been deleted. Now, you can purchase this game through the Storefront of Ubisoft.

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