Turtle Beach XO Three Review – A Cheap Headset for Xbox

Saiba Khan

Nowadays, the majority of video games even on consoles, featuring Online Multiplayer modes with co-op, competitive or both elements. So, to experience the high quality game music and soundtracks the best gaming headsets are essential. There are tons of headsets available in market and e-stores that cost as much as a new console.

For those players that love playing video games, but either don’t have enough cash to purchase a handsome headset or don’t harbor aspiration to become the professional players in eSports, I recommend a headset called The Turtle Beach XO Three discards luxury and embraces value. At the price just $69, it is an affordable headset even before all Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals.

Build Quality and Design

In this section, we will discuss about its design and quality. The headset uses 50mm drivers, which is huge than you would expect at the price. It contains a detachable, high-sensitive microphone which you can bend into whatever shape that suits you. The Turtle Beach XO Three is physically so impressive and it feels solid enough to maintain with a chunky leather strap that offers dozen of cushioning. The ear-cups of headset are comfortable and big, even if they use normal foam instead of a memory foam. It doesn’t feel or look cheap, and you happily wear it for several hours to experience the great sound quality.


The Xbox One console offers a wired design and its standard controller doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack required for gaming headset. Instead, selecting an ugly Xbox Stereo Handset Adapter, which costs you 10 bucks and slots into the connector on the controller. Finally, Microsoft declared that problem with the Xbox One S, whose controller does introduce a 3.5mm hack.

However, the Turtle Beach XO Three does take a forward step of a piece of technology included to all types of the Xbox One via an update, enabling that you on your Xbox One, and you will get a 3D surround sound in the XO three headset, which is something of revelation for a cost of $70 headset.

Personal Opinion

For a handsome headset, the Turtle XO Three is very impressive. It uses Windows Sonic amazingly for surround sound audio, and its build quality means that it isn’t offering to break on you anytime. If you’re really addict of online video games at a high level, then you might try to splash out anything with better handling of surround sound. But if you are looking for good time to have with buddies then the Turtle XO Three proves worthy for you to save your cash.

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