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Saiba Khan

Developed and published by Big Fish Games, My Tribe lets the players experience the life simulation game on their PC and Mac. As the builder, you’ve to create a beautiful island paradise for your tribe to advance. According to the plot, your tribe will have its unique attributes, and you need to learn new skills and then interact with others to make families and unlock further content to unlock. When playing the game, you will need to unlock secret mysteries, revealing new technologies, create wondrous structures, and engage in the navigation of the exciting islands in this game to have fun. Unique environments, billions of islands, and other fun-filled features will make your gaming experience brilliant.

Escape From Paradise

The game starts with a luxury cruise ship which crashes on an island, situated in the Pacific Ocean. The ship is loaded with lots of people and the remaining survivors of the shipwreck are varied from each other and they decide to install their camp across the island. As the survivor, your main aim is to locate the vital pieces to a lost radio and then hoist it on the top of the brutal

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Wild Tribe

Have you ever played any Time Management video games? We are here to introduce you with an addictive time management video game, Wild Tribe, placing you in the beautiful town full of small, cute creatures called Wobblies who are enjoying a peaceful life for thousands of years. But, the dark times are on the way.

However, as the food and the water supplies run out and hyenas are stealing the

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Gemini Lost

Nowadays, people are looking for action-packed games, instead of casual titles. The trend of casual games are quite down compared to high definition video games, so if you’re one of those who still love to play casual games, then maybe you’ve played this game. The story follows the protagonist and it begins with the walking of the main character with a group of his buddies. So, on the way, you find a mysterious beam

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Farm Tribe

Letting you experience the strategy, farming, and time management gameplay aspects, Farm Tribe is available to play on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. The female protagonist is in trouble and she must organize a beautiful farm and must solve tricky puzzles to reveal secrets. To progress fast you need to hire workers, struggle to take care of them and they must improve their professional skills. While in action, you can cook yummy dishes using

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The Island Castaway: Lost World

Being stranded on an island have never been entertaining. Therefore, after a shipwreck, the main objective is to survive as long as possible. Although getting off the land would be great too. First of all, you need to step up and struggle to become the head of the castaways to fend off chaos and make sure well-being behavior of everyone. As you start to play, you must create a fish farm in order to

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Many Years Ago

Many Years Ago deals with Strategy and Time Management gameplay elements, played from an isometric viewpoint. A Single-player is only the mode which is available in this game to experience. However, several years ago, a complete civilization was completely smashed by a strange eruption of the volcano. According to the plot, the innocent peoples are looking for your help to reconstruct their homes. To do so, you need to gather resources, supplies, and food

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Aztec Tribe

Aztec Tribe mixes the genres of time management and strategy gameplay components, released for PC. According to the plot, many years ago, a peaceful tribe is lived in the massive mountains, foes surrounding it on every corner. To escape, the inhabitants sent out scouts on an epic adventure to find a new home in the valley. While playing the game, you must assist the budding Aztec Tribe in order to gain a foothold in

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The Sims 2: Castaway

The Sims 2: Castaway is a single-player life simulation developed by Maxis and published by Maxis and published by EA. This title serves as the 3rd spin-off of the video game released on Nintendo DS, Wii, and PlayStation 2. The game starts on a small boat as you create a team of characters. However, the crew serves as The Sims: Castaway contains one of six different Sims. As the creation of the crew is

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Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers is a series of life simulation video games released by Last Day of Work for multiple platforms. The Last Day of Work is an independent video game developer and publisher. In this game, players will experience the perfect combination of puzzle and strategic gameplay elements and the gameplay is having an underlying motive over the course with a blend of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The game takes place in the mythical land

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