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Saiba Khan

Monument Valley embarks you on an exciting journey of Princess named Ida through complex maxes of optical illusions. The tough objects are referred to as sacred geometry in the game.

Explore from Isometric view

To explore the environment, you can use an isometric viewpoint and while playing, you can interact with objects and landscapes to find hidden passage as the female character advances to the exit of the map. Up to ten challenging levels await you and each level has its unique central mechanic.

In the game, interaction includes moving pillars and platforms, as well as creating bridges. However, the player is cued through levels by design elements like the color. Monument Valley is a commercial game and available to play on Android and iOS. If you are looking for Similar Games to Monument Valley, then here is a list for you.

Outside World

Taking place in an exotic world, Outside World deals with Puzzle genre. Available to play on Android and iOS, the game lets you control cute princes who lost and wishes nothing but a way home. With the assist of a ghost-like buddy named Jaynie, the surreal journey of exploration starts.

Find a Way to Home

So, you need to travel through the strange worlds with the task of completing challenging puzzles to get the protagonist home. One of the best Alternatives to Monument Valley that you would like to play.

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds

Developed by Codium World Kft, Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds is an Action and Adventure video game for mobile devices. The game lets you find out a new land where there are lots of things to see and even more to hear.

Complete a Mission to find Sounds

You as a player needs to assist Poco Eco, who is a curious explorer to complete his challenging mission. The ultimate objective is to help the strange beings to discover their lost sounds that they’ve lost by completing mini-puzzles and accomplishing all 12 animated levels, filled with fun.

Lumino City

Undoubtedly, the Puzzle is one of the best video game genres and I’m sure that you also love it. The Single-player game comes with a perfect blend of Adventure and Puzzle elements by State of Play Games for Android and iOS. Furthermore, it is an award-winning puzzle game crafted completely by hand out of paper, miniature lights, card, and motors. Through the gorgeous land full of a clever, puzzling and charming adventure that will test your skills. The game unfolds the kidnapping of the caretaker of Lumino City.

Where’s your Grandfather?

Your grandfather is in danger and needs your help. Are you ready to embark on a secret mission to find him? During the game, you need to solve complex puzzles, avoid obstacles, and reach the exit of each level to advance through the story.


One of my favorite games, letting you control a tiny robot (really cute). I had installed Mekorama on my phone two years ago. Now, it is still my favorite game. The game starts with a crash landing of a tiny robot who needs to repair itself and find a way home. He needs your help to complete a set of levels full of puzzles and evil robots. In each level, you must command the robot by tapping the exact point, where the robot will reach if possible in a funny style.

Such a Cute Tiny Robot

The aim is to reach the red point at any cost to clear the level and reach to the next. You can also create your custom levels using editor and can share with your friends as a challenge to complete. More than fifty challenging levels await you and each one is fun to play. Charming Robots, Diorama Maker, Collectible Level Cards, etc. are prominent features.

Dream Machine – The Game

With over 49M downloads and 4.3 rating, it’s a beautiful and memorable Puzzle game for you to experience the relaxing gameplay. Seriously, the game is a superb plus point to any illusion puzzle game fan. However, it takes place in a cold and inhumane factory. Your task is to plan your escape a cold factory and then free yourself into the brain-blowing fantasy-based world.

Explore Machinery

While playing the game, you will figure out the fantastical machinery to solve mysterious optical illusion that lies in wait. Moreover, the game is here to test all your abilities as you survive hazardous levels and battle epic boss fights. So, guide your mechanical buddy from a workplace and command them to freedom. Awesome!

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