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Saiba Khan

Developed by Shining Rock Software, Banished is a Strategy and City Building video game for PC. Lots of players across the world loved playing building games, but this game comes with a twist, a blend with strategy elements. The game mainly revolves around survival and resource management as an isolated and ever-growing society. Players have an opportunity to create their dream world, place different structures, establish whatever they want, and restart their lives in a new place.

During the game, players have to smart in allocating manpower in order to respect work divisions, including farming, creating things, and more. Unleash your creativity, make something unique and then share with your friends to give them shock. If you loved playing the Banished video game in the past, here are some awesome Games Similar to Banished that you can play.

Tropico 5

Tropico 5 lets you experience a construction and management simulation by Haemimont Games. For better gaming experience, both single and multiplayer modes are featured and the game was released for PC in 2014. However, Co-op and competitive multiplayer modes take place for the first time in the series, supported up to four players. However, players can create cities on the same island, enabling the brilliant opportunities of working with each other, or against.

Furthermore, four different eras, ranging from Colonial

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Anno 2205

Anno 2205 introduces the detailed graphics in this city-building game. Compared to previous installments, Anno 2205 offers a massive map and the countless replayability, enough for you to polish your building skills. Taking place in the future, the game puts you in the role of the builder with the task of creating massive cities and at the same time to make sure that your people prosper. To complete the mission you have to travel even into space, harvest lots of resources and power to advance.


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Dawn of Discovery

Dawn of Discovery, also known as Anno 1404 is a Single-player City Building game by Blue Byte. An award-winning and unique blend of economy, construction, diplomacy, combat, and discovery will let you amuse the Real-time Strategy gameplay with Simulation aspects. In the start, the game embarks you on a journey across the world to explore, learn, and trade technologies to expand the empire and to make your own history.

Using your building skills you need to create your own settlement and struggle to get to

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From Dust

The plot of the game focuses on a tribe which has lost the rare knowledge about their ancestors. They discover themselves in a strange territory where they need to solve the problem by collecting and summoning “The Breath”, controlled by you. They’re expecting that this procedure will help them to communicate with nature. The game is considered as the spiritual successor to Populous, the game focuses on The Breath, which was called by a tribe to assist them to find and restore their knowledge.

You, controlling

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Kingdoms And Castles

Kingdoms and Castles take you in a 3D environment and lets you create whatever you want. Get ready to partake in fun-filled activities and polish your building skills. In this game, you will enjoy the beautiful blend of Medieval, City Building, Sandbox, and Resource Management game elements. It is a game about growing a beautiful kingdom from an empty land to a sprawling city.

In the game, you must try your best to survive against the dangerous world, Viking raiders, and hungry dragons. Grow food

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