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Avakin Life is a Virtual World and Multiplayer Role-playing video game released by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. It was released for Mobile Devices like Android and iOS. The game sets in the digital world where you find hundreds of beautiful avatars participating in fun-filled activities like dancing, making new friends, dressing up new outfits, and building houses. You can find the same components in other games like Avakin Life.

Furthermore, you start the game by merely choosing your avatar either as a male or a female, customizing the appearance, and choosing the best outfits to make your avatar unique among others. Apart from that, players from all over the world are searching for Avakin Life Alternative; therefore, we compiled a list of the best Games Like Avakin Life for you to select your favorite one and start.

Why Players Looking for Apps Similar to Avakin Life?

As all fingers aren’t equal in size, similarly taste of all players isn’t the same. It’s human nature that players are always in search of something new to experience. Furthermore, many players leave the game after not finding the features they wish to have; therefore, they embark on a journey to search for the best alternatives that have their desired features.

Top 5 Games Like Avakin Life

Avakin Life allows you to join other friends from across the world to make new friends and create your crew. When playing the game, you can display your fashionable outfits and dress according to the new trends. Using over 28K outfits and other clothing items, as well as accessories, you can express yourself and your fashion sense. There are different playable avatars available and the game features different professions to choose from, including the Fashion Model. Here are the Best Games Like Avakin Life to choose from and start having fun with friends.

Second Life

second life

It is an Open-Source and Multiplayer video game developed by Linden Lab. The game features a beautiful land where it represents you via a 3D avatar. Using the customization feature, you can make tweaks to make your avatar unique among other players. In short, you have all possible options to fulfill your desires that you can’t complete in real-life.

Furthermore, you can use real-world currency to purchase fashionable outfits and chat with other players from all over the world to make new friends. Second Life is the Best Alternative to Avakin Life, offering almost all required features with extra fruitful elements.

Movie Star Planet

movie star planet

Although MovieStarPlanet has cartoonish graphics, it still perfectly fits the list of games like Avakin Life. The game lets you invite others to be your friends. You start the game with a few customization options, allowing you to select your gender, avatar, and costumes. Jump into the game world where you can control the movement of your avatar, chat with others, and ask anyone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. The completion of objectives may leave you in-game coins that you need to unlock additional stuff.

The Sims Freeplay

the sims freeplay

If you’re not satisfied with the game quality of Avakin Life, you can get your hands on The Sims Freeplay. Although it doesn’t feature any Multiplayer functionality, the gameplay is almost similar to Avakin Life. You start the game after choosing your avatar and start progressing by merely building and designing houses; meanwhile modifying and creating a max of 34 people, known as Sims. When playing the games, players can pursue their favorite careers, make their names, earn money, marry their love, and make babies.



Go wild with endless possibilities as Twinity features a 3D Virtual World where thousands of players worldwide await you. Hone your creative skills and design your outfits to show off your fashion sense. The game is only playable on the browser, and it requires you to create your account, build your avatar and start having fun with other players. You can freely make new friends, hang out at parties, and invite them to visit your home.



It is an online community-based video game aimed at teens and tweens. The game features multiplayer components and allows you to create the character of your choice. During the game, you can design hotel rooms, chat with other players, and can adapt your favorite pets, when creating and playing games. Completing quests may leave you several rewards and in-game currency that players can use to unlock additional content.

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