Top Best GPUs for Gaming 2019 – How to Purchase a Graphics Card

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Purchasing a Graphics Card isn’t an easy task

Purchasing a graphics card can be a difficult task as it is a massive investment with a countless amount of choice on offers. All of these unpronounceable product names can make the selection of the correct product a daunting task for you. But don’t need to worry we’re here to make it loads of easier for you.

Before purchasing a graphics card you must ensure you take a look at Best Graphics Card Deals Article.

First of all, you need to decide on what video game you’re going to use your graphics card. If you’re willing to play the occasional games or something that isn’t visually intensive, familiar games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, World of Warcraft, etc., don’t need an expensive graphics card. In that case, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on it. On another hand, if you’re considering to play the latest releases on the highest graphics, then you should purchase something high end.

Which Graphics Card is best for you?

Before buying a graphics card, you need to answer these following questions.

  1. What is the Max Refresh Rate and Resolution of Your Gaming Monitor?
  2. How many bucks you’re willing to spend?

In the start, you’ve to make your mind up on how you would like to spend your money on the card. Definitely, you’ll know that purchasing a graphics card isn’t a cheap deal. However, the last piece of this game is to explore which gaming monitor you’re currently using as this will surely make a massive impact on which card you should purchase. The higher resolution of your monitor the more graphical power you will require to power it.

Let’s compare the GTX to the RTX

As you know, 60 Frame Per Second is a usual target for gaming, although if you’re willing to play specific games competitively you may need to use a 120 or 144 HZ monitor. Before this, you will have to ensure your graphics card is able to play the games of your choice at these frames rates, or otherwise, you won’t be using your monitor at its full potential.

For example, if you’re using a monitor of 1080p with 60 Hz Refresh Rate, then you shouldn’t purchase a top-end card to get the best performance out of your gaming monitor. The increasement over 60 FPS isn’t noticeable. So, if you’re using a monitor with 1440p then surely you’ll need a powerful graphics card to approach the same FPS as a 1080p monitor, as you’re trying to power more pixels, but your game will look better than it.

Definitely, a 4K gaming monitor will look cool but to run games at 60 Frame Per Second you need an extremely high setup. However, most of the people are using 1080p or 1440p monitors and won’t receive any benefit past 60 FPS.

Which Graphics Card Should I Purchase?

Currently, there are not many video games that released with Ray Tracing, which is the most prominent features of the RTX 2000 series of graphics cards. Moreover, taking out that vital feature, the performance, and price for the Nvidia Card isn’t favorable unless and until you are trying to run your favorite game at the 1440p monitor at a really high frame rate or 4K and 60 Frame Per Second.

The best advice for gamers is to look for a handsome deal on a 1080 or 1080 Ti. However, RTX 2070 may be a better option. The main question about graphics cards is the ability to use the Ray Tracing technology that has been unlocked in non-Turing GPUs in some specifications.

RTX 2080 Ti

In simple words, the king of graphic cards allows you to play highly advanced video games with detailed graphics on your PC. If you’re looking for the best graphics card to run modern releases, then this will be a card for you. Although the card isn’t cheap, if you want performance then you need to find a compromise with your pocket. It is a revolution in gaming performance and realism. With the most powerful GPU architecture, breakthrough technologies and 11 GB ultra-fast GDDR6 memory, it is the world’s ultimate gaming GPU.

GeForce RTX 2080

Probably, RTX 2080 will be one of the most famous graphics cards of the next few years, providing the gamers with a better price / performance proportion than RTX 2080 Ti. This GPU is powered by the Nvidia Turning Architecture to provide gamers with incredible new levels of gaming realism, power efficiency, speed, and immersion. However, it also serves as the world’s first Ray Tracing graphics card, delivering truly unique technology for hyper-realistic graphics.

GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

This graphics card serves as a last generation’s flagship card and still holding up very well. However, the gaming card tightly held the crown of the most powerful consumer-Level GPU for a long time and still easily eats everything that you throw at it. Selecting a 1080 Ti on an epic deal from somewhere could be one of the best price and performance purchases. While the RTX 20 series are seriously powerful cards, it’s expensive at the moment.

GTX 1080 Ti is fully packed with fast 11 GB GDDR5X Memory, extreme gaming horsepower, and a massive 11 GB Frame Buffer. Pascal powers this gaming GPU to deliver up to the 4K performance of the previous generation games that includes breathtaking gaming in Virtual Reality.

GTX 1080

It is another fantastic gaming graphics card of the last generation. However, similar to the previous cards in the series, GTX 1080 is really powerful. This graphics card is capable of dealing almost every modern game, although the card will start to struggle in 4K. If you’re one of those gamers who love to play video games on a 1080p monitors, then this card should be great for you to purchase.

However, the card is powered by Nvidia Pascal architecture and enable the gamers to experience amazing performance, power efficiency, and smooth gameplay. GTX 1080 is specially designed to deliver up to the 3K performance of previous generation games, including the mind-blowing gaming technology and also for the Virtual Reality experiences. It is available in the groundbreaking new design to purchase.

GeForce RTX 2070

RTX 2070

This powerful GeForce RTX 2070 Graphics Card by Nvidia, takes advantage of the cutting-edge technology to engage you in incredible realism and also performance in the modern games. If we say that the future of gaming starts here – it’s true. This card is powered by the Turning GPU architecture and promises to provide gamers with up to 6K resolution of the previous generation games and it will definitely bring the power of real-time ray tracing and AI to all new games. At the moment price-per-performance is on it’s side.

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