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A month ago, nobody knew what Genshin Impact was; but nowadays, it is a hot trending topic to discuss on Twitter and gamers. Surprisingly, the game has peaked in over $100m in the first two weeks of its release, serving as one of the most successful forays in the Chinese Gaming Industry across the world. It features a combination of Action and RPG game aspects, supporting both Single-player and Multiplayer game modes. Take place in the fantasy-themed open-ended world where you battle against enemies using elemental magic via an action-based battle system.

Moreover, players can switch characters and use the gacha game monetization system to obtain new playable characters, weapons, and rare resources. The limited Multiplayer mode enables up to four players as a team, and the game is expected to release on the Nintendo Switch soon. As the game starts, you find yourself in the fictional world of Teyvat that contains several nations. Each nation comes with unique attributes other others, controlled by a king. We figured that this would be the best time to cover Alternatives to Genshin Impact. Click on the following link to read the Genshin Impact Review.

Top 5 Similar Games to Genshin Impact

ARPGs are fun to play and bring a lot of challenging quests to complete. The majority of the games feature story-driven gameplay and control playable characters in the form of a party. Interaction with other NPCs is compulsory because they reveal secrets about the world and regarding your challenging quests. Asides from that, you must work your way to boost your character’s abilities by performing different tasks. There are Top Best Genshin Impact Games Like for you to choose your favorite to try.

Horizon Zero Dawn

It brings the perfect mix of Action and Role-playing game elements, similar to Genshin Impact. The introduction of a colorful world welcomes you to navigate secret areas, interact with NPCs, and complete a series of challenging missions. The storyline centers on the protagonist, Aloy, a hunter who finds himself in a stunning environment overrun by machines.

Furthermore, you’re limited to a third-person viewpoint, and your goal is to venture through the post-apocalyptic world controlled by robotic creatures. Aloy can kill foes using several methods, including setting up a trap, shooting those using arrows, and more. It stands as the first title in the list of Best Games Like Genshin Impact.


Pocket Pair releases the game with a blend of Sandbox, Crafting, Open World, and Role-playing game elements. The game’s premise is its action gameplay, and it lets you control the protagonist from a third-person viewpoint and battle against enemies. The open-ended world brings several fun-filled activities in which you can participate to earn in-game currency.

While playing, you can plant crops, navigate the world on a dragon’s back, make use of magic to take on deadly enemies and their bosses. The visual effects are mouth-watering and take you a step closer to reality. A highly detailed world contains different environments, including Jungle, Desert, Mountains, and more. As a farmer, you can grow over 20 different types of crops.

Fantasy Westward Journey

Are you searching for Top Similar Games to Genshin Impact? If yes, then here is the third game (Fantasy Westward Journey), offering you the same gameplay as Genshin Impact. Released in 2001, the game has a series of playable characters and gives you customization. Choose your avatar, jump into the beautiful fantasy-themed world, and start competing against vicious enemies who won’t show mercy on the battlefield.

The game features a highly detailed customization option, giving you thousands of possibilities to change your selected character’s appearance. Navigation can make through a third-person viewpoint, and your character possesses different abilities, including running, jumping, attacking, and more. It won’t be wrong to say that Fantasy Westward Journey somehow influences Genshin Impact. Therefore, it is one of the best entries in the list of Genshin Impact Alternatives.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

The perfect alternative to Genshin Impact is Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds that isn’t released yet. The game has been expected to release in late 2020 in Japan. It will support both Single-player and Multiplayer game modes and blend Action and RPG game elements.

There will be different character classes and a multiplayer option that pits players from all over the world against each other. The PvP arenas will keep the players battling for better rewards and ranks. The said title belongs to a long-running video game series of Ni No Kuni.

Oceanhorn 2

Because of not featuring the Multiplayer mode, the game doesn’t fit in the list of Best Games Like Genshin Impact. But many other features, environment, and gameplay are familiar. Don’t forget to embark on a wondrous land trip where you discover gorgeous landscapes and many secrets areas. Many players have confirmed that both graphics and gameplay are closer to The Legend of Zelda games, although many new expects were introduced.

The story follows a child given to Master Mayfair by a demon in the request of being in good care. The plot passes through different turns and twists, introducing a series of scenes, and more. Oceanhorn 2 is released for two platforms, such as Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch, in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

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