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Are you fed up playing Age of Empires? I probably think the question doesn’t exist to ask because everyone knows the addictiveness and high-quality gameplay of the Age of Empires video game series that delivers fun-to-play gameplay and challenges to its fans for decades. Age of Empires is the first title in the series released in 1997 for PC and Mac.

The game assigns you a job of controlling the ancient civilization’s leader to advance it through four different ages, such as the Stone, Tool, Bronze, and Iron Ages. Your intention should be focused on getting access to new units with advanced features. Over 12 Civilizations are there to choose from to start playing the game; each civilization belongs to four different architectural styles focused on Mesopotamian, Greek, Egyptian, and East Asia.

Top Best Similar Games to Age of Empires

As a gamer, I know that many times, players from all over the world may fed-up playing the same game again and again. Sometimes, the developer makes a delay in featuring new content, or the additional content doesn’t welcome by players. Therefore, they come to find something similar to that product to fulfill their thirst. Similarly, I figured this would be a great time to introduce the “Best Games Like Age of Empires.”

Empires in Ruins

The first title (Empires of Ruins) in the list of Age of Empires Alternatives, is offering you a blend of Grand Strategy, RTS, and Turn-based Combat gaming aspects. Set in the medieval universe where you need to dominate, create, protect, and lead the grumpy Sgt. Hans Heimer against the powerful system.

In the game, you can expect a plot-driven campaign featuring betrayals, nasty twists, and diplomacy, as well as a turn-based strategy system, along with an empire management system. It seems the gameplay of Age of Empires heavily influences the Empires in Ruins; therefore, the prominent features are almost the same as the said game. So, having similar features, we could easily consider the game as the best alternative to the Age of Empires.

Warfare Incorporated

In case you’re looking for Age of Empires Games like for Android, then Warfare Incorporated may be your choice. It brings you to an ancient world and leaves you over there to experience the best Mobile RTS game for free. Create your soldiers’ team and command them to protect and control the newly found planet Icarus full of minerals and mysterious alien artifacts.

The game supports both Single-player and Multiplayer components and gives you a chance to interact with others using built-in chat features. Over 22 units are there, and the game comes with two alien landscapes.

Moby’s Confederacy

Although BC Kings released back in 2008, it still the perfect Alternative to AoE. The game has only a Single-player mode, and it features a blend of RTS, Turn-based Strategy, and Real-time Tactics. It throws you to the battlefield, along with small groups of scouts, skirmishers, and guerilla fighters to complete a series of challenging missions. Domination of battles is only possible with having the strongest army and the best strategic approach. Make use of your turn smartly, and don’t miss any opportunity to drive enemies out from the field. 

Stronghold Crusader

I know playing RTS games isn’t an easy task as it requires a lot of attention, strategic approach, and tactical thinking. But it’s not rocket science that no one can learn. Both Single-player and Multiplayer components are there to offer you an incredible gaming experience. The RTS campaign strings include the first, second, and third Crusades and battles within the individual Crusader states.

Each campaign comes with different battles: Nicaea, Siege of Antioch, Krak Des Chevaliers, and more. Over fifty challenging missions are linked to the campaign, pitting you and brutal enemies against each other. The primary gameplay sounds similar to the original title, Stronghold, but introduces some significant differences.

Ancient Wars: Sparta

Released in 2006, Ancient Wars: Sparta comes with a mix of RTS and Turn-based Combat game elements. Whether you love playing alone or with friends, the game has covered both components for you to experience without any hassle. There are three civilizations available, such as the Spartans, the Ancient Persians, and the Ancient Egyptians.

It presents three different campaigns; each offers a unique culture and a variety of missions to complete. All campaigns are independent and let you play following any order you want. Gathering resources, building structures, training armies, commanding units, and defend your castle are the primary tasks you have to perform whenever you participate in the game to play.

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