Top Best Free-to-play Steam video games of 2018

Saiba Khan

Playing best PC games may be an extremely rewarding experience, but it can surely get expansive. But, you don’t need to worry and have to pay the dollar for the amazing gaming experience. Which is why we collected some best free-to-play steam games of 2018. The best free games have become infamous due to overlay aggressive monetization through micro-transactions. As I told you before that you no need to worry and you will not have to sign an agreement made of loot boxes to have fun with these titles. Best F2P (Free-to-play) steam video games are available that provides you hours of entertainment. So, you just need to fire up your Steam account, put your money away and check out the best Steam Games of 2018.

Fractured Space

When the game comes to Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, not every title has to be fantasy-based with magic, champions, and daggers. In fact, it offers MOBA-style gameplay, taking place in the science-fiction environment. You control a frigate as your struggle is to explore the space. It starts by destroying the base of enemies before your base suffers the same fate. The game spans in different episodes and each will provide you with new maps to fight or play 5v5 PvP or PvE conquest. Whether to play alone or in a team of bots and other players against a team of AI. The developer introduces new episodes regularly and is absolutely free to play.


Like Paladins, it offers a squad-based shooter game where you can team up with other players similar to MOBA games. Instead of you having to take down a carriage through a map or smash enemy base, Gigantic lets you kill enemy giant while defending your own. Each match of the game focuses on a 5v5 event, with players working their way to power-up their Guardians. In the game, teams of five players along with a magical behemoths called Guardians have a task to smash the opposing team. Over 20 heroes are available for players to select from, all with an array of unique abilities.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a 2010 free-to-play MMORPG video game based on the Star Trek franchise. The game takes you in the futuristic 25th century, thirty years after the Star Trek: Nemesis’s events. The first MMORPG title in the franchise for PC. The story follows as the alliance between the Kingdom Empire and the United Federation of Planets has collapsed, causing a start of the brutal war. Have you ever dreamed to be a captain of a ship and explore the massive space full of stars, planet, and moons? If your answer is yes, then this game is for you and it will surely complete your dreams!


Paladins offer a team-based first and third-person shooter by Evil Mojo Games. The game has no similarities compared to other team-based games, but it doesn’t mean free-to-play FPS isn’t worth your time. With different characters usually known as Champions, players can dominate the battlefield using their special skills. To win the match players must rely on strategy, coordination, character knowledge, and teamwork. While playing the game, players use the VGS system, along with voice chat and text to interact with each other.

Paladins introduce everything from survival mode to Overwatch-style payload akin to the famous Battle Royale genre made popular by Fortnite and PUBG. It comes with an enjoyable and rewarding place to spend your spare time while having fun with buddies. The game is freely available on Steam, and there’s no need to spend your money to grab the game.


Taking place in the fantasy setting, ArcheAge offers MMORPG game by Korean developer named Jake Song. The game described as an MMORPG which represents itself in an open content style of the sandbox game and the structure seems like a theme park game. It takes place in the zoneless world played from either a first-person or third-person perspectives. In addition to naval combat, players need to make trade routes secure or engage in sea battles. You can do all your MMO activities here like gathering resources, conquering lands, questing, looting equipment and new weapons, and more. Grind up through it’s early stages and you will find a completely new an online world full of surprises.

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