Top 5 Best Side-scrolling Games of All Time

Saiba Khan

Best Side-scroller Games

When a discussion starts between people about their favorite video games of all the times, there will no doubt be a vast number of side-scrolling mentioned. As you know, over time the side-scroll titles have been replaced with highly detailed and technologically demanding first-person and third-person video games take place in the 3D environment. It doesn’t matter which side you choose to fall on in the side-scrolling games argument – like them or unlike them – there’s no question about their impact on game industry or the fact some fascinating side-scrolling titles have been published.

The unbelievable progress of game industry has introduced with it many advantages, and one would mainly be hard to discuss that these prominent features haven’t had a possible outcome on user experience. Extraordinary features like fully HD gameplay, complicated visuals, advanced Artificial Intelligence system have really helped to increase the player engagement and to keep the gaming more interesting as time goes on. Although we appreciate the medication in technology similar to other players, we shouldn’t forget about what got all of us here.


In this article, you will discover the top 5 best Side-scrolling Games of all the time. Contra is one of my best side-scroll games I have ever played. I remember those days when first time I had got my first Sega console with a cassette of contra. The golden days with unforgettable memories and some classical music. Well, Contra is a side-scrolling run-and-gun video game putting you in the role of a hero who needs to explore the land, shoot his way to kill enemies, and get his both hands with unique power-ups to unlock advance weapons, and reaches to the end. This game has many levels, and each level ends with a boss fight. The third level lets you change your movement from side-scroll to top-down, which is also amazing.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Released in 1990, the marvelous entry in the series of Mario games. All games mark some of the most fun and influential titles of all the time. However, every game is vital in its own right, especially the SNES games. The game puts you in control of a Plumber, Mario or Luigi, who must struggle to rescue Princess Peach and the rulers of the seven kingdoms from the custody of antagonist, known as Bowser. Like previous releases, you take on enemies by storming them or using items that bestow powers. The game rewards you with new abilities like fight or slighting down slopes to master.

Golden Axes

Although it was one of the best games in the arcade, it ended up being one of the fascinating titles for Sega Genesis. However, the game had a quite interesting story, an option between three powerful heroes, and the help of fierce dragons. Additionally, the game had featured powerful spells to use when fighting against enemies to kill and earn points. It takes place in the fictional land, where evil is trying to take over the area by kidnapping the king and his beautiful daughter. He is also searching for the Golden Axe, the magical artifact of Yuria, and invades to smash both the ax and royal family as well.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Undoubtedly, one of the best platforming and side-scrolling video game series of all the time. The series brought the side-scroll titles to 16-bit and had a brilliant impact on the release of Sega Genesis. The excellent graphics, unlimited fun, and fast-paced gameplay of this game made it an instant classic and offered Sega one of the only characters that could rival Mario as a mascot. The story starts with an antagonist named Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who abducts animal inhabitants of South Island to steal the six Chaos Emeralds and harness their unique powers. However, you as the blue-colored hero aims to destroy the unholy plans of the antagonist by freeing his animal friends and gather the emeralds himself.

Metal Slug

This game is pretty amazing on the Neo-Geo, though it is famous for its arcade version and the majority of its popularity is from its port versions. A simple side-scrolling shooting game, offering incredible fun and joyful graphics as well as characters that differentiate it from other video games like Contra. The graphics seem bit cartoony but has really cool gameplay. In the start, the player has option to choose one of four soldiers to jump into the stunning environment where the journey starts with a pistol and upon destroying boxes and fleeing prisoners, the player will receive advanced weapons.

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