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The world is suffering from Coronavirus, and health experts are suggesting people stay home to prevent the virus from spreading. At home, people are looking for some fun-filled activities to keep themselves entertained. Therefore, we compiled a list of best traditional board games that you can enjoy with friends while sitting on the couch.

Lots of possibilities are there that you are familiar with the Ludo game and its traditional rules. You can grab this game absolutely free on Google Play and iOS to play on your mobile devices with friends. The best way you have to share your childhood memories with buddies while showing off your strategic skills over there.

Both Online and Private Multiplayer modes are available; each one is offering a dice board game played between two to four players. Invite your friends, family members, or other players from across the world to play against you.

The board comprises four parts, and their colors are Green, Yellow, Red, and Blue. Players should choose their favorite color and tap on dice. You can move one of four pieces according to the number the dice show when stopped. The real chat option is there for you to chat with friends and buddies using emojis.

If you’re looking for Similar Games to Ludo King, here’s a list of best Ludo King Alternatives for you.

Ludo Comfun: Ludo Online Game

The most enjoyable board game is Ludo, which pits two to four players against each other, and the player who reaches his home first will be considered as a winner. It’s a beautiful game that takes place on a board with four different sections of different colors, and each one has four pieces to move. The game set some traditional rules that players are required to follow to win, although players can modify them. The game plays between two to four players, and each player will throw dices during his turn and move his pieces following the output of dices.

It has four modes Local, Computer, Friends, and Online. Play online with friends across the world and enjoy the most exciting gameplay in online mode while invite and challenge family members and buddies in the private room to have fun. Choose your color from available and start playing the game following rules set by the game to win. You can set two teams of two players and sit on a couch because the game offers you a local co-op mode to play with the other three players on the same device. It is the first title in the list of Best Games Like Ludo King.   

Ludo Star

With over 100 Million Downloads on Google Play Store, it is considering as the best Ludo game to play. It brings a classic board game played between family members and friends. It supports Windows and Mobile Devices and released with Offline Mode, where players can play against computers. Local co-op mode allows you to play against other players on the same device. The game is available in several themes, including Egypt, Candy, Christmas, Disco, and more. A real-time chat system brings friends from all over the world close to each other and also gives you a chance to make new friends.

Ludo All-Star- Online Classic Board & King of Ludo

Play online with friends and show off your strategic skills while moving your pieces to reach the end. Along with usual gameplay, it comes up with an elegant twist making you a king of Ludo. Prepare yourself for the fiercest battle in Raid mode, where you compete against three friends. It brings different names and variations that set in different regions like Griniaris, Uckers, and more. Three types of modes are available, such as Offline, Classic Mode, and Raid mode. Start moving a token after a six and throw dices to move all tokens. Using the chat system, you can make new friends to play.

Rules of Ludo Game

Players take turns to roll the dice, and the highest throw of the dice will start the game in clockwise order. After each throw, the player will decide which token to move. A token move in a clockwise direction across the set track following by the number thrown. The time will come when you find no token can legally move according to the number thrown, then play passes to the next one. Receiving a six will provide you another free turn.

Ludo Neo-Classic: King of the Dice Game 2020

Developed by Neoclassic Tech, Ludo Neo-Classic gives you a traditional Ludo gameplay with similar rules to the Ludo board game. It is considered the best title in the list of Best Games like Ludo King and Ludo Star. Rules are the same as mentioned above; just choose your color and start playing opposing characters. The player who reaches the home first will win the game.

Ludo Master: New Ludo Board Game 2020 For Free

Free games are always best to play, especially in the time of quarantine, when you can’t get socialized with friends and partake in fun-filled activities. Why not join Ludo Master to compete against friends online? Up to four players can play against each other following the traditional rules, and the player will win the game after reaching his home first.

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