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What will you do upon finding yourself stranded on a thrilling hospital where supernatural powers exist, as well as villainous? For sure, you would aim to find a way to exit at any cost for your survival. Therefore, Deceit brings you to close near the fear to see what will be your reaction upon finding the horrific creature ahead of you.

It was released in 2017 and is popular among those players who love to play FPS horror-themed games at night. The beautiful mixture of Horror, First-person Shooter, Zombies, and Survival game elements won’t leave you alone without having experience of stunning gameplay.

Deceit lets you control the protagonist who wakes up in an unknown location, along with an unfamiliar voice. Upon waking you found yourself surrounded by the other five people, and “The Game Master has injected a deadly virus all of your team members, and tasked to take down other innocent people with no reason.”

Therefore, innocent players need to stay alert, travel three different zones, and find a way to escape through the safety hatch. If you’re one of those who are a die-hard fan of the said title and searching for the best List of Games Like Deceit, then you are at the right place, because we have found some interesting titles offering the same gameplay as Deceit.

Here are Top 5 Similar Games to Deceit

Whether you’re here to find Alternatives to Deceit or just to figure out horror titles, the list won’t disappoint you. Let’s explore 5 items together

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

For sure, you might be familiar with the Warhammer name, because of its highly detailed universe and the long-running video game series. All of the games within the series aren’t related to a specific genre, and the series has covered a wide range of gaming genres, and the said title comes with a highly anticipated FPS gaming experience, along with Multiplayer mode, though Single-player mode is also there to play.

During the game, your goal is to battle against waves of enemies with the help of your friends in the 4K universe of Warhammer. For the navigation, the game limited you to a First-person Perspective. The Multiplayer mode supports up to 4-player and takes all of the players to the city of Tertium. It is the first title in the list of Deceit Games Like.

Dying Light 2

Deadly creatures, thrilling scenes, horrific beasts, and many challenging tasks await you over Dying Light 2. Don’t miss a chance to have a meet up with blood-thirsty monsters who won’t leave you alive at any cost, because their only aim is to kill you using anything they find nearby. Ensuring your survival is your main job while killing all of these deadly creatures come to 2nd.

Similar to Deceit, the game doesn’t feature Multiplayer mode, but the game is almost similar as the game is offering Horrific Gameplay, along with FPS and detailed graphics. The game brings you to a massive world where you participate in brutal combat in the modern Dark Age, unlike others.

Resident Evil Village

It serves as a part of the long-running video game series, heavily inspired by a movie of the same name. Due to T Virus, most of the population across the world has turned into blood-thirsty zombies who are venturing across corners to find survivors to calm down their thirst for blood. A massive range of weapons are there, and each one grants you unique playstyle and abilities to use against deadly beasts.

Experience a beautiful mix of Horror, First-person Shooter, and Survival-Horror game elements, offering you thrilling gameplay to experience. It takes place many years after the events that happened in Resident Evil 7, introducing a brand-new storyline that starts with Ethan Winters and his spouse named Mia living with peace in a new location.

Hunt: Showdown

Survival without proper equipment and gear aren’t possible. Therefore, the game has planned something special for you in a newly unlocked location. A massive range of weapons and equipment are featured for you to start fighting against enemies and deadly creatures venturing to grab you to kill.

The introduction of Online Co-op mode won’t let you play alone, as it allows up to three players excluded you to play against enemies from a first-person viewpoint. Having thousands of positive reviews over Steam, the game has made its unique space in the hearts of gamers. Are you ready for High Risk, High Reward, and High Tension? Because these are things the game is fully loaded with for you.


The final game in the list of Games Like Deceit, and brings a beautiful blend of most popular genres, such as Action, Horror-Survival, Online Co-op, and First-person Shooter game elements  As the game starts, you find yourself stranded in an unknown location full of deadly creatures and monsters.

The addition of Player versus Environment will pit you against the landscape along with three other players. Therefore, cooperation, better teamwork, and brilliant communication are the key to victory. Start navigating the world from a first-person viewpoint, and kill enemies using the most deadly weapons you haven’t seen your life ever before.

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