Top 10 Games Like Among Us – Best Social Deduction Games to Play with Friends

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A massive battle between the two teams has been started, and no one knows who the evil team or members who are killing their own teammates is. The game isn’t easy as you are thinking, because it comes many ups and downs, pitting you against unknown players who intend to kill everyone to be the last.

Therefore, you should find trustworthy crewmates and find someone committing a crime. The concept of developers is impressive, as, before its release, only a few games are floating across the internet. Some of them are the following: Town of Salem, Project Winter, Trouble in Terrorist Town, etc. I loved to play Project Winter and will share some thoughts below.

Why People are searching for “Similar Games to Among Us”

Nowadays, playing only a single game 3w2regularly is quite tricky; therefore, players are always searching for something new to try. Neither two games can offer the gameplay experience nor come with the same concept. In short, every game has something new to experience, along with a unique idea and storyline to unfold. We have compiled an exquisite article of “Best Among Us Alternatives.”  

10 Best Alternatives to Among Us

Both Online and Local game modes are featured, supporting 4 to 10 players. There are two different teams, such as Impostors and Crewmates. Keep in mind that Impostors possess more abilities than crewmates, and can kill them using their unique skills. The ultimate goal of crewmates is to prep the spaceship for departure while completing challenging tasks. Crewmates need to be careful as one of two persons among them will be impostors bent on killing everyone.

Project Winter

Released on 23 May 2019, Project Winter features social deduction game elements for Multiple Platforms. The blend of survival, action, and strategy game elements puts your skills to test in a 3D environment where you would struggle to survive. The game plays between 8 players on a beautiful land where teamwork and communication are two primary factors compulsory of being victorious. Throughout the game, you deal with the following items, such as Survival, Hidden Roles, Teamwork, and Communication. During the game, you’re supposed to lurk unidentified traitors.


Space Station 13 (shortened as SS13) comes with RPG, Social Deduction, and Multiplayer game components, offering you similar gameplay to Among Us and Project Winter, but from a top-down perspective. Set on a futuristic space station, containing different locations.

Two separate teams, such as Exoplanets and Spacecraft, compete against each other while struggling to complete a set of goals to achieve victory. The primary gameplay can be defined by emphasizing roles, as at the very start of each round, the game allows the players to choose different roles and struggle to either help or hinder the progress of others.

Town of Salem

If you’re one of those players who love to play Social Deduction Games Like Among Us, you would love the Town of Salem. It features a mix of Strategy, RPG, and Social Deduction game elements, offering you thrilling gameplay to experience, where anyone can call a meeting after finding a dead body.

The town of Salem is heavily influenced by the party games, such as Mafia and Werewolf, in which players can assume different roles belonging to various teams. Similar to its name, the game sets in a historic town of Salem, situated in Massachusetts. More than 49 roles are there, and each one offers unique aspects, while there are seven different game modes and one custom mode.


It is a mix of Casual and Strategy games that come with Multiplayer support. There are different playable characters available. Everyone requires to trust his intuition while keeping distance away from others and act smartly to win. The plot follows a group of villagers gather around a fire to discuss a problem regarding werewolves. They must find a way to survive before coming on the radar of werewolves. Different maps are there, such as Cave, Forest, and Village.


Social Deduction games involve two teams of players in thrilling gameplay. The last remaining team or member will win the match. Somehow, it’s similar to Battle Royale games, but the main twist is that no one knows who the murderer is. In this game, a deadly curse has spread all across the fair city and starting to threaten all. The evil creatures come out at night to hunt down people and survival. At the start, the game matches you with other players and puts it to a small team, where it’s compulsory to ensure survival while struggling to find impostors among your teammates.

Unfortunate Spacemen

If you choose Unfortunate Spacemen to play, get ready to experience a thrill from a first-person perspective. The game is about shooting, survival, horror, and navigation, as well as a social deduction. Although it’s not a pure alternative to “Among Us,” a few elements were found into the game, which makes it somehow similar to the said game. There are different modes available, such as Shapes-shifter mode, Objectives, Story Mode, and more. The chat system is brilliantly crafted so that everyone can communicate with team members easily.

Enemy on Board

Enemy on Board brings an online Multiplayer Deception battle video game where two players assume shapeshifting aliens while the other four players control four innocent crew members. In short, the premise of the game is the social deduction genre, letting you find impostors among a team while trying to complete a set of tasks. The ultimate goal is to figure out who aliens are, take on them, and kill to rescue other members. It comes with prominent features like Versatile Fighting Styles, Special Abilities, Going Journey, and more.

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