Top 10 Best Minecraft Mods – Here’s an Installation Guide

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The questions that which are the best Minecraft mods are always troubling the minds of many gamers from day one as a large number of mods were available right after the first release of the game. As you probably know that Minecraft is one of those few games that allows players to construct objects and the only limit in this construction is their imagination.

Moreover, these mods let you take the customization to a whole new level and you can accomplish everything you want such as changing the interface or create a custom structure in the game with a single click. Some mods may not run correctly on your version of Minecraft and you may need to update the version or uninstall some recent updates to get it running.

Installation Guide

The installation of these mods is a simple process and you can follow these steps to download them on your computer to play them while being offline. Forge is a third-party mod loader and you need to install it before downloading any mods.

  1. Download your favorite mods from CurseForge
  2.  Turn off the official Minecraft client
  3. Search for “%appdata% in the start menu search bar
  4. Open Minecraft folder and access mods folder
  5. Copy the mod file and paste it in the mods folder
  6. Check the Mods tab from the Minecraft Homepage
  7. Open Minecraft and enjoy your game

Best Minecraft Mods 

Furthermore, Minecraft mods are divided into various categories such as interface mods, creative mods, exploration mods, automation mods, and expansive mods, etc. depending on their functionalities. This list contains 10 best Minecraft mods available today and you can install a mod by following a few simple steps to enjoy them in a short time.

1: Optifine

Without any doubt, Optifine is one of the best Minecraft mods that can increase the speed of your game and make it look good by increasing the graphic details especially when you have got a high-end gaming computer but are not getting the satisfactory game performance.  It is the first mod that most gamers install to enjoy HD textures in a decade-old game.

2: Just Enough Items

If you are tired of searching for materials and want everything to happen automatically, the Just Enough Items mod is for you as it can look for much needed while you busy with another important task. You can also learn important recipes to create items using the gathered materials without any prior crafting experience at all.

3: Create

Create is an automation mod that can take the Minecraft mechanism to create new things to a whole new level. It can give your lifeless Minecraft creations a new life so you can take a look at your creations from a different angle and change things to make them look like just how you want. Your creations will make full use of gears, clutches, pulleys, levers, and other items to make your creation working. 

4: Botania

Installing Botania in Minecraft will make your surroundings look natural by adding more flowers to every possible thing. You can utilize these flowers to restore your health and prepare for your next battle against demons of the underworld. Some of these flowers can create a magical portal to enable you to travel to other worlds without wasting your precious time.

5: Engineer’s Tools

It is a simple mod to reduce your mining efforts and you need to worry about what resources you want to harvest and collect as you have got an all-in-one tool in your hand. Engineer’s tools can combine a pickaxe, wood ax, shovel, and sheers into a single item. This will get rid of all those tools in your inventory and empty some extra space so you can store much-needed material. 

6: Journeymap

It shows a real-time view of the in-game map in a web browser so you can track existing locations to plan your journey through the world of Minecraft and don’t get lost in the wilds. During your journey, if you have come out too far from your home base, this map mod can take you back to your home. You can add a waypoint can turn on layers to view the detailed map of hostile territory.

7: Rope Bridge Mod

Have you ever found yourself on the top of a mountain but suddenly you see something important on the top of a nearby and you want to travel to it as fast as you can. If your answer is yes, then the Rope Bridge mod is for you as it can create a bridge between two destinations to reduce your travel time from hours to minutes or even seconds in some cases.

8: Iron Chests 2

Wooden chests are the first storage items to store all your stuff in your base before you go on another expedition as some items can take a lot of space in your bag pack. You can upgrade all your wooden chests to increase their capacity through the iron chests 2 mod. Upgrading those wooden boxes in the early stages of the game to store more items and use them in crafting important tools when you need them the most.

9: The Lost Cities

The lost cities mod provides you with a chance to enter a city where everyone is gone and you are free to go where ever you want to go without worrying about sudden attacks from enemies. It will be a test that how long will you survive in this abounded town before you finally die. You can combine the lost cities mod and Biomes O’Plenty mod to add stunning details to those post-apocalyptic cities.

10: Blockfront- WW2

This mod sets you as a soldier in World War 2 and your main objective is to defend France as Germans are attacking with more power and massive numbers of army every time and the war gets tougher and tougher as you progress. There is a complete story mission in this mode and you will emerge as the victor in the end if everything goes according to plans.

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