The Most Adorable Game “Pikuniku” is free-to-play on the Epic Games Store for a week

Saiba Khan

Epic Games Store is keeping up its promise of releasing a freebie every week since its first day. Following the said words, every new week brings a new freebie for players to play with no cost. To claim the freebie, players have to download the Epic Games Store launcher on their PCs and start playing free games instantly after completing the downloading.

The first week of October brings Pikuniku as a freebie on the store to download and play for free. It is a perfect blend of Puzzle and Exploration game elements, revolving around strange creatures living in a colorful world that’s not as happy and fun as it looks like.

Pikuniku is also available on Steam with a cost of $6.49, offering you a mix of Adventure, Puzzle-Platform, and Casual game aspects. It promises to take you to a vibrant world where you confront a strange creature, which seems unhappy. Your goal is quite simple as you have to help out the characters to overcome struggles while revealing a deep state conspiracy. Try to start a fun revolution in a beautiful dystopian adventure. Memorable characters await you to embark on a journey to finding a reliable solution to their problems.

The game is free on the Epic Games Store until 08 October 2020. Are you excited about the next freebie? Which will be Abzu and Rising Storm 2. We’ll soon bring you a complete list of Free Games going to release on the Epic Games Stores. So, stay tuned.

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