The Left 4 Dead Survivors will join Zombie Army 4 Soon

Saiba Khan

Louis, Francis, Bill, and Zoey are Back

Left 4 Dead’s four survivors such as Zoey, Louis, Francis, and Bill are coming to join not only the newly planned title of Left 4 Dead video game but also Zombie Army 4 – a third-person zombie shooter video game that also supports co-op mode. All survivors are suitable for this game because it releases with Multiplayer mode. It supports up to 4-player simultaneously.

Third-person Action

Instead of featuring a First-person viewpoint, the game comes with third-person action. Besides that, the narrative is a bit different than Left 4 Dead. Because it takes place in a historical-themed world that set back in 1946 in the era of Adolf Hitler. According to the plot, Adolf Hitler is responsible for turning the German Army into vicious and blood-thirsty zombies. Zombies are still lurking across street corners and spreading the disease by a massive storm to cover more people.

We have a piece of good news for those players who are serious about their gameplay is that it doesn’t seem the arrival of survivors will throw the story into disarray. However, the introduction of new avatars who will release with Abaddon Asylum for free to everyone sees players from the worldwide battle against demonic asylum face-off and smash the brutal forces.

Zombie Army 4 Season Pass

Additionally, it isn’t happening for the first time that the protagonists of Left 4 Dead have made their appearance in the Zombie Army series. Along with many characters like Ellis, Rochelle, and Left 4 Dead Crew Coach, they were introduced into the Zombie Army Trilogy in 2015. Furthermore, the new Downloadable Content may include the following: World War 1 Outfit, World War 2 Headgear Pack, Zombie Tank Weapon Skins, and more, as well as Zombie Army 4 Season Pass.

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