The Division: Heartland Gameplay Video Leaked Online

Saiba Khan

Heartland Video Leaked

The whole gaming community is shocked after 20-minute footage of the upcoming Ubisoft’s game The Division: Heartland was leaked online. It is a free-to-play standalone title and gamers will be able to play it on their PCs and consoles between the years 2021 and 2022. Although the Footage is taken down from various social media platforms, it features the gameplay in a small US town named Silver Creek.

Moreover, the gameplay is leaked by one of the participants of the invite-only test conducted under strict NDA and Ubisoft is working on catching the culprit behind these leaks to take them to the court. The Division: Heartland features a PvE and PvP modes to get the experience of a Battle Royal in a new way.

Are You Ready for Battle Royale Mode?

In both game modes, the player will have to explore all the areas of the game, loot for weapons and other useful items to fight against enemies to defeat them, and take the podium at the end of the game. The leaked footage appears to be very leggy and has a very low resolution but the ultimate fans of the franchise have got all the details.


Furthermore, there are a lot of side quests available in the base or the headquarters and you can take on a quest to earn a reward when you are not out there fighting with the terrorist. It features a battle pass for those who are willing to pay some extra money to enjoy premium operator and weapons skins to show off their skills at a whole new level.

Another leaked footage also shows the lead designer of the game introducing the player to the closed beta test gameplay and new upcoming features of the game. The Heartland will receive an expansion in the Division’s PVP dark zone by taking on the battle royale genre.

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