Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review – Crossover Fighting Game

Saiba Khan

Super Smash Bros. the ideal series of Nintendo, chaotic brawler has offered us several good memories during the series’ 20-year history. The latest entry to the series continues its legacy while going back to explore everything and every aspect, including characters and everything – that made it awesome.

New Stages and Improved Content

The game introduces more characters, deep stages, modes, and more tactical aspects in the franchise. Ultimate embraces all aspects, while each has been refined, included too, and modified for the better. Basically, everything, from previous releases are here, including all existing characters, stages, along with the flexibility to play and enjoy in several ways. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is considered a handsome package that creates on an already existing and enduring fighting system.

Traditional Fighting System and Standard Controls

If you’re from those players who have spent much of their time with a Smash game, then you have a better idea of how this game works. Fighting players must struggle to damage their competitors to easily knock them out of the stage. If we talk about the control which remains approachable for a fighting game – three buttons with standard directional movements are all you require to access a variety of characters.

What is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Developed by Bandai Namco Studios, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate deals with fighting genre and feature both Single-player and Multiplayer modes for the better gaming experience. The fifth entry in the Super Smash Bros. series, following the traditional style of gameplay. Like other fighting games, you control one of several playable fighters with an aim to use different attacks to weaken your opponents and finally knock them out of an arena.

Modes and Characters

Modes assume an important role by offering different game types. Therefore, the game introduces an array of modes, including Multiplayer Versus Modes and a Campaign for a Single-player option. Every playable fighter is from previous games, ranging from Mascots of Nintendo to characters from the third-party franchise, as well as newcomers.

Knock ’em out

Ultimate lets you experience a pure fighting mechanics with your favorite characters. The game is designed for up to eight players fighting to knock each other out of the match. Each competitor has a percentage meter, which raises upon receiving damage, making players easier to release in the air and out of the arena.

Victory Conditions

The victory depends on one of three conditions:


Your aim is to win the most points by taking down opponents within the specified time limit. Unleash your inner fighter before the time runs out.


You start the game with limited lives and you have to be the last standing player at the end of the match. Losing all lives means, the game ends.


To achieve victory you must reduce the health of your competitors down unless to zero, to defeat them. Take a trip to the classic era when you played Tekken 3 or Street Fighter, and then battle to deplete your opponent’s health till zero.

Summon Cute Heroes to Help

Furthermore, while playing, you can use different items to attack opponents or grant you unique power-ups, along with Trophies and Poke Balls. During the gameplay, you can summon cute Pokémon using Poke Balls and other NPCs to assist you in the fight (that’s awesome). Each character possesses a powerful Final Smash Attack (the best thing I like), which you can use to be performed either by filling up a unique meter or by obtaining a Smash Ball Item.

The core experience of the game is its Multiplayer matches, whether that’s local Co-operative, or smashing heads in competitive matches in only online modes. Like its predecessor, the game uses the tactical fighting mechanics of traditional games of its franchise as I told above. 

Stage Morph

A new feature that lets you choose two stages that the game will change for you at certain intervals during a fight. Other changes include new gauges and icons for specific abilities, including Cloud’s Limit Gauge.

Playable Characters

Over seventy-four playable fighters are waiting for you in this title. Sixty characters are returned from previous entries and 11 are new fighters, including the Inklings from Splatoon, Richter Belmont and Simon from the Castlevania, Ridley from the Metroid series, and more.

Personal Comment

Overall, the game is superb to play with its beautiful graphics and all of the favorite characters each with unique finisher move. If there is anything to criticize is that the game features too many modes, fighters, and other options. With over 74 fighters, Super Mario Bros. Ultimate lets you engage yourself in brawler gameplay for several hours. If you’re a Smash Bros. fan then you should purchase this game.

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