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Saiba Khan

Are you ready for your Christmas treat? You’ve only 48 hours to grab the best frictional game for free. is offering a free Epic Horror game, Soma. You just need to login or sign up at, and then hit your mouse click on the banner at the screen’s top and Soma is yours.

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Soma (stylized SOMA) deals with the survival horror genre and it takes place in the sci-fi environment. Developed and published by Frictional Games, it takes the player in the breathtaking world comprises some underwater remote research facility with machinery.


You explore the game as the protagonist named Simon Jarrett, who finds himself under the mysterious circumstance, forced to unearthing its past while struggling to make sense of his potential and predicament future.


You play the game from a first-person viewpoint and will encounter a number of deadly creatures. The game mainly uses some elements of Psychological horror, instead of conventional scares discovered in most games within the genre.

Over the course of the game, you need to find a series of clues, including audio tapes and notes. Solve complex puzzles to uncover other parts of story. The game doesn’t feature combat element like other Frictional Games. Instead, you advance through the game by puzzle-solving, stealth, and exploration elements.

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