Riot Games releases a new set of Company Values

Saiba Khan

For the first time since 2012, Riot Games has changed its company values. According to a post on its official website, Riot Games has published a new set of company values in a wake of accusations around its toxic bro culture.

New Values Replace the Manifesto

Riot Games was accused by several of its own employees last year of having a sexist culture. The new values replace the Manifesto of the company since 2012, after considering the feedback of company’s over 1700 employees.  

First Step towards Changes

The objective of the Riot Games is to transform the culture of the company, regards to the updated values. A first step towards the changes by Riot Management after a report highlighted the deep culture of toxic behavior.

The company also said about its planning to release a massive update to its transformation page in a week. Riot was sued by former and current employees for gender discrimination last year. For further information, you can visit the Riot Games official website.

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