Resident Evil: Village Review

Saiba Khan

Just as Resident Evil 4 did once in the past, Resident Evil Village is successful in setting up the standards at a new high with its impressive gameplay that enchants and shocks us at the same time. The whole layout of the game is inspired by Resident Evil 7 and I noticed some bits of other games in the series.

Ethan Winters is the Protagonist in Resident Evil Village and the game revolves around the quest to find his lost daughter. After saving his wife in the seventh part, Ethan, his wife, and his daughter are living happily. On a dark scary night, Chris Redfield visits Ethan Winters with his squad to kill his wife and take his daughter from him.

Help Ethan to find his Daughter

When taking Ethan and his daughter to the headquarters, the squad was attacked by some mysterious creatures and Ethan wakes up to find that his daughter is gone. Ethan makes his way to a nearby village in the night to get a sense of what is happening. After setting his foot in the isolated village near the big medieval castle, the first thing he released was that it is just a hoax that monsters only hide in the shadows.

The opening scene of the game is an ultimate roller-coaster ride with horrors and Ethan is only left within an inch of his life. Equipped with shotguns, pistols, sniper, grenade launchers, and time bombs, Ethan Winters sets on his journey through the streets of the village while being attacked by hordes of undead enemies.

More Deadly Creatures than Ever

Our protagonist is constantly hounded by many fearing adversaries like Lady Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Donna Benevento, Salvatore Moreau, and last but not least Mother Miranda. Each villain has a different approach to complete their task of killing Ethan or keeping him away from his daughter. I never imagined that when doing my quest, I will face any of my enemies around the next corner trying to kill me in a new way.

Scavenge for Weapons and Ammo

When not in a fight, looking for ammo, healing items, and other valuable tools was the first thing I was doing by deeply scanning every available and accessible room in the game. Unfortunately, even after a thorough search of all the rooms from floor to ceiling, I still couldn’t find certain items as they were hidden in a very stubborn method.

I could always find enough ammo and healing items during my gameplay so clearing all the stages to finish the game was easier than I thought. There were a lot of puzzles here and there to test my skills and thinking from time to time while other times I had to take a different approach to find my way towards the next task. The whole story of the game is well-placed and each boss fight has something different to offer.


The journey of Ethan Winters is full of surprises like finding out that his wife is alive at the end was the best surprise but unfortunately everything didn’t go according to plans. Keeping the legacy of past Resident Evil games, Resident Evil Village is successful in its attempt to maintain a sense of dread in the hearts of those who play it.

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