Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

Saiba Khan

About Resident Evil 2

After several years of waiting, Capcom has finally released its remake of classic Survival-Horror video game Resident Evil 2. Originally, Resident Evil 2 (known as Biohazard in Japan) was released 1998 for PlayStations. Introducing two protagonists, the game enables you to choose from Claire Redfield or Leon S Kennedy.

Both characters have their unique personalities, the game tasks you to escape Raccoon City after its inhabitants are turned into blood-thirsty zombies due to a biological weapon. Taking place after the events of the original title Resident Evil, the gameplay revolves around on puzzle-solving, exploration and combat aspects.

Zombies become Terrible

I remembered, when I was a child, I had got a disc from my friend. Upon reaching home the disc was out of my hands just because of my parents. I had tried each and every trick but failed every time. After crying too much, the disc was in my hand. That was the first time when I had experience brilliantly crafted survival-horror gameplay. The feeling was superb exciting, and as well as thrilling. I was selected the role of Clair Redfield, and my objective was to escape the virus-infected city, called Raccoon City.

Feel the Terror

One of the most notable things about the reimagined Resident Evil 2 is that the brutal and blood-thirsty zombies become more slow, shambling, and more horrible. The undead creatures in this game are superb and incredible, as well as horrible objects; blinking light, thrilling sound effects, and the sounds like someone roaring in front of your door. What will happen when you face zombies in real-life? Zombies are the brainless creature and don’t know what they have to do, except one – to fulfill the thirst of blood at any cost.

Experience the Horror, Once Again

Shooting the leg keeps the zombies alive, they will drag themselves along the floor to reach you with pale, clawing hands. While it does make some modifications as compared to the original title of 1998, Capcom has clearly crafted one of the best Survival Horror experiences since the release of Resident Evil 7, taking the title once again that the classes undead is still a viable, as well as enjoyable threat.

Improved, previous Locations

From the beginning scenes, I could tell was in the vicious environment for a horrible ride with Resident Evil 2 Remake. The remake version introduces two campaigns and you’re capable of playing one of them – which you choose at the starting moments. Both campaigns revolve around a similar path in terms of puzzles and locations, although the narrative experience is different. You will love other components, as the tension permeates increase with each passing seconds and help you to make sure things remain engaging despite the repetition.

Gameplay – What’s new in it?

The game starts with you investigating a gas station, where you’re surprised of the darkness and silence not to be expected right outside the city, where the game is set. Obliviously, the place where from you start playing is crawling with brutal zombies yet to be uncovered, and coming out of the woodwork, as you’re forced to escape.

How Will The Leon and Claire Campaigns Work?

Leon Kennedy, a young and inexperienced rookie, who is totally confused by a threat he isn’t ready to deal with yet. In opposite, Claire Redfield is a skilled character and approaches the critical situations without any difficulty, willing to assist those people who are in need and get to the depth of whatever the Umbrella Corporation is up to. Both heroes are super, with story threats intertwining enough across both available campaigns to keep all the things engaging and interesting.

A Brand New Gameplay

Those gamers who played the original title will easily recognize several places scattered about this remake, including the Umbrella Nest Labs, The Raccoon City Police Department, Dark Places, Street Corners, etc. Although the design has been altered enough, it feels like a brand new game.

Personal Comment

Despite lack of variety, Resident Evil 2 Remake will definitely engage you for several hours and also chill your bones at once. In this title, some of the voice acting is really bad, not like in the old PS games. Regardless of this, the 2nd act, taking place in the dingy sewer, slowing the action to a crawl. When you play as Ada Wong in order to solve hacking puzzles while the Tyrant stalks you – is my favorite section. 

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