Red Dead 2 Online reveal Battle Royale Mode in an Update

Saiba Khan

The developer has confirmed a new update for RDO. The update comes with a Multiplayer component of RDR2, and it offers a Battle Royale mode “Gun Rush”. According to detail on the official Rockstar’s website, Gun Rush is a mode where you’ll put your survival skills to the test. You can scavenge for weapons and ammunition while the play area shrinks (similar to Fortnite and PUBG) in a new mode designed for up to 32 players.

Developer Rockstar Explains

The update is available for free and the last standing player win the match like PUBG. According to Rockstar, several exciting updates are on the way. New Showdown Modes, Races, Outfits, and several changes are coming soon based on players feedback.

Developer Says

Definitely, the shrinking area will push the participants closer to each other and forced to kill. However, the last player will declare as the victorious sole survivor at the end of the match. Red Dead Redemption was awarded the Gamespot’s Best 2018 Game of the Year.

The developers said that we have lots of new features to include across the board as well as additional modifications to improve, refine and stabilize the overall experience.

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