PUBG might be going to release a Clan System on PC

Saiba Khan

When Clan System will be released?

One of the most popular Battle Royale games, PUBG, is considering to introduce a new Clan System. Since its release, PUBG is releasing updates on regular basis to make the core gameplay more immersive and entertaining. Till now, lots of prominent features have been released as part of the game, and millions of players enjoying the newly introduced content.

You will be amazed to know that a frequent data-miner, known as PlayerIGN, who previously predicted regarding the PUBG Global Championship Skins, has appeared again with some valuable information and some leaked images. Recently PlayerIGN tweeted some photos, according to which clans will be capable of having a slogan, title, and max 20 members.

If you’re a bit confused, here’s more detailed information that PlayerIGN tweeted:

  • Title:  2 to 15 Character Limit
  • Tag: 2 to 4 Characters
  • Slogan: 30 Character Limit
  • Presentation:  180 Character Limit
  • Member Limit: 20 Members
  • Cost: 5000 BP

While playing the game, clans will be able to obtain resumes from recruits, though whether those will be built by the player or an automatic form with the players’ names and stats, not confirmed yet.

Back in July 2018, PUBG Mobile version had introduced a Clan System, so it doesn’t come as an unbelievable surprise that upcoming updates might make its way to PC version. The main thing is that when this update is supposed to introduce for PC.

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