PUBG is getting ready to take on Fortnite with its free version

Saiba Khan

PUBG Lite in Thailand

Recently, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has started testing a new free version of the game known as PUBG Lite, especially in Thailand. The free version is designed to provide players with the familiar battle royale shooter experience that requires less hardware to run compared to the full, paid PUBG game.

With this free version, PUBG has a chance to better compete with its one of the biggest competitors, Fortnite. Despite coming to the Battle Royale genre after PUBG’s effort, Fortnite has become a cultural sensation due to its slow barrier of entry and the fact that the game is accessible on any device, one of the most prominent features of this game.

A Dedicated Team is working on it

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Lite serves as a standalone title from the paid PUBG. Furthermore, the company confirms that there will be a dedicated team for this free version that will continuously work on exclusive content, including massive maps, prominent features, etc. that will trickle down from the paid title.

Different Game Types

Currently, the free version comes with only Erangel, the original map of PUBG, along with several options, including Squad, Solo, and Duo. The free version lands in Thailand first, which the developer will be using as a test case to decide whether to expand the service for further regions in the future.

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