Pokemon Go Update: Reveal a Huge new Feature

Saiba Khan

There are some good news for those players who are waiting so much for a PvP mode of Pokémon Go since its release. The Pokemon Company and Niantic, Inc. have confirmed that a Trainer Battles PvP (Player versus Player) mode will be coming soon. This mode will allow you to partake in real-time battles with other players and Pokémon Go Team leaders.

Kei Kawai Comment

The vice president of product at Niantic, Inc. stated, “Trainer Battles have been created under the core principles of social gameplay, enabling players to explore the real world with others.” From Trainer Battles to Raid Battles, each gameplay includes an additional social layer to Pokémon Go, providing players with more fun and engaging reasons to interact with others.

You can create a custom Battle Party of three Pokémon to compete in Trainer Battles against other players and team leaders. While playing the game, you can invite nearby fellows or players to partake in Trainer Battles using the battle code invitation system. It also provides players with a chance to participate in remote battles. But they can only invite someone to a remote battle if their in-game friendship has successfully reached the Ultra Friend level or higher.

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The product manager at Niantic stated, “The Trainer Battles introduce infuses the core mechanics of Pokémon Go with the classic concept of battling. And it offers an exciting completive angle for battles that seems familiar to Pokémon Go and series of fans alike.” Trainer Battles doesn’t have a confirm release date.

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