PlayStation 5 Update: Sony Confirms a new Next-gen PS release

Saiba Khan

Sony is still kickin’

Sony confirms a big budget video game for PS5. According to a new advert, the confirmed project is a Third-person Adventure game. It also mentioned that it’s a high visibility project that’s currently in development mode with a Sony Development studio.

The advert continues that the game is being developed in collaboration with Sony development studio. The project is yet to be confirmed and probably still in its early stages.

It looks like that it will appear in a form of a high profile PS5 exclusive. As stated to recent reports, the developer will host a small PlayStation 5 event reveal in the mid of 2019, before displaying the console, at the returning PS Experience Event.

Moreover, lots of studios are in possession of a PlayStation 5 Dev Kit, considered as a giant. This would also clear why Sony didn’t host the PS Experience Event in the year’s E3.

It seems that Sony is planning to come back with a massive event, holding all of its big titles and that the PlayStation 5 would eventually release in 2020. The release date in 2020 would provide Sony an opportunity to launch its final set of PlayStation 4 exclusives. 

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