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Plague Hunters – new type of blockchain based RPG in development


Plague hunters is an indie 2D turn-based RPG game. It takes You to scary times of Plague as it says in the title.
As usual, You’ll choose between characters with different abilities. To grow them, you will look for adventures and clean the plagued world.

Short story line:

“Pick characters, choose Your style, kill the plagued monsters. Trade your hunters on the blockchain technology”

So, we can imagine, it should be very involving for the lovers of this genre. And, for believers of new blockchain era it will offer some cool features:
“The gaming sector could see the blockchain gaining traction slowly and steadily. In a significant step, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) would pave the way for the usage of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) into the PlayStation 4. This was due to Plague Hunters being a single-player-focused and turn-based tactic RPG along with certain elements of PvP apart from the continuation to the Plague Road, a hand painted 2D art game which was regarded as successful.
The new feature has also passed every term and condition of Sony’s PlayStation through the DLT has a number of elements of blockchain technology. Significantly, this is the first time that any DLT game is ready to accomplish this feat. Another interesting aspect is that blockchain games looked like Plague Hunter’s in-game assets. This included weapons, units, and any other items that would be pegged to NFTs.”
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