Patch 2.0 Update of Slay the Spire revealed a new Character

Saiba Khan

Your Watcher is Here

The said game just got a massive path 2.0, which reveals a new playable character, known as The Watcher. Not only a new character is introduced, but the patch added new relics and potions to the game. You might know that the developer has introduced the beta testing back in September 2019, in which the newly introduced character has her own relics and cards.

Lots of changes and improvements are noticed over the Steam Community blog; however, there’s a series of graphics improvement and bug fixes to offer you quality gameplay. You would be happy to know about the modding support, which has been enhanced.

Introduction of the 4th Character

The Watcher has just reached to evaluate the Spire. Amazingly, she comes with her training in the divine stances and similar to other characters, she has a set of cards and unique relics to use during the battle.

Patch 2.0 delivers new relics, cards, reworks, and a 4th character as mentioned. However, you are still capable of playing the previous version by choosing Patch version 1.1 released on 07 July 2019.

Portion Lab

Moreover, the patch reveals a new Potion Lab, offering quite simple access to valuable resources on all available in-game spells. The developer included a screen that lets you explore all potions. You can discover the Compendium section by merely hitting the main menu as the Potion Lab.

In addition to a new character, several changes were made, including:

  • Balance
  • UI and Effects
  • Bug Fixes
  • Improved Performance
  • Localization

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