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Overkill’s The Walking Dead Review

Saiba Khan

In fact I don’t like zombies and undead creatures. But I’ve found spreading rage virus zombies to be less scary and less fun compared to the classic animated corpses. The long-awaited co-operative shooter game Overkill’s The Walking Dead offers the awful horror of slow zombies. Everything excellent about the video game which comes from the Overkill’s devotion to the zombie-based horror and the source of material in general.

Alas, this performance of The Walking Dead does several things wrong and, for few reasons, the game has not worth your money or time right now. The game is pushing patches and fixes almost on daily basis, but server communication and mission-breaking bugs’ issues are still available and wrecking the love of players, I want to feel for this video game.

Slaughtering a small wave of scattered zombies with machetes and baseball bats is easy enough, but at the end, someone will make a noise and you really don’t know what it will be. Whether it’s a car alarm, an explosion, etc. – every of those things makes me scare and brings more zombies. In the game, if your team is lazy, eventually the horde will get too hard to fight at all, and there’s only one thing left to do – run as fast as you can.

Melee Weapons

Although battling against zombies is pretty straightforward, nearby zombies can grab anyone easily who gets too close. Pushing them off takes some extra time and drains some health, making you more vulnerable to the next grasping hand. Being altered by more vicious zombies can speedily overwhelm the players, even those at the full health bar. I really loved that, one zombie is awkward while others are a real threat. In this game, the sad thing is that slaughtering zombies with melee weapons to keep noise down isn’t very fun. But it’s a must while most combats against zombies are very close. There are pickaxes, baseball bats, and machetes, but they fell clunky and useless.


The storyline behind the missions will be familiar to any fan of The Walking Dead comics and Television Show. Your group of survivors exploring the environment in search of food when they run up against another team of survivors, and soon the violence becomes a metaphor for the animal nature.

While playing the game, players can upgrade their set up camps or send Non-player Character survivors out on epic missions. The game grants the player start bonuses and food supplies for each completed task by NPC.

Personal Opinion

I really struggled to love the slow zombies and the post-apocalyptic themed world that made me love the source material. Yet, if the online gameplay is good except of all online stuff, then it’s not good at all. To Overkill’s credit, it looks to be pushing out bug fixes and daily updates. Perhaps, in few next months, when the price of the game will go down, and bugs get fixed, the game might be worth your time.

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