Outriders Review – Meet Deadly Creatures and Human Enemies

Saiba Khan

To be honest, I am a bit confused in regards to suggesting the game or not. There is not only one reason behind my confusion as the game costs you $39.99 and comes with some glitches and frequent crashes. The mix of Loot ‘n Shoot, Adventure, and Role-playing components may seem you offering the thrilling gameplay to experience, but in reality, I realized all mobs are almost the same, distinguished using varied colors.

Afterward, the fighting mechanism is just okay asking you to take action timely or die. I’m not happy with the fighting system because you can’t avoid any attack that happened by strong tiers. Although the game features cover system-based shooter gameplay, it isn’t planned for you they are specially designed for enemies, hurray!

Third-person Shooter meets Role-playing

The primary genres of Outriders are TPS (Third-person Shooter) and Role-playing. It supports both Single-player and Multiplayer components while giving you access to the side missions. The addition of Cutscenes and a dialogue tree are appreciable that lets you decide the outcome of the conversation, though it won’t affect the story’s progression. Playing the game alone is possible, but you can complete the story with the other two players.

Four Character Classes

The customization feature helps you design your avatar and select one of four possible character classes; each one is offering you unique abilities and powers. Available four classes are the following:

  • Pyromancer
  • Devastator
  • Technomancer
  • Trickster

Falling in the fight may help the player use a variety of weapons, including Assault Rifles and Shotguns to take on enemies. Though it’s not a stealth game, players can hide behind any objects to shield themselves from devastating attacks. Your health starts to generate as you start hurting or killing enemies. Usually, in other games, you have to collect medikits and something like that, but in Outriders the procedure is exquisite.

Enemies (Humans and Monsters)

Instead of only featuring monsters, the game brings human enemies, too. Both are equally powerful as you are and can kill you after finding yourself roaming the environment without any plan. Apart from that, you aren’t only limited to modify your avatar as the game features weapon customization system mods. The world that surrounds you is highly detailed and has some levels. As you make a process through the story, the world levels up to bring you more loot from defeated enemies.


Seriously, I loved the storyline where you see the planet Earth is standing on the edge of destruction and can be blast anytime. In short, it has been reached the point of no return as climate disasters grow more dangerous. After that, you see a pack of massive governments has decided to mix all of their resources to preserve mankind on Enoch, a planet similar to Earth.


Although the game comes with several flaws and a lack of features, it would be a good game to play but it doesn’t bearable under the price the developers set for it. Before leaving let me inform you that a player finds crash dumps of over 22GB stuffed in a windows folder. Somehow, the game makes me feel like competing against Remnant From the Ashes. If you are looking for Games Like Outriders, then we will release another article on it soon. Besides, would love to rate the game 7 stars out of 10.

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