Outer Wilds Review – Take a Short Trip to Galaxy

Saiba Khan

Open World, First-person Exploration

Have you ever dream to explore the huge space environment? If Yes, then this is a perfect game for you to navigate the huge space environment full of planets, stars, asteroids and of course the Sun. Get ready to jump into the 3D world where you must follow the instruction to complete the requirements of every mission. If we talk about the gameplay, which includes the perfect blend of Open World and Exploration elements, developed by Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive for Xbox One.

Currently, the game isn’t released for PC yet, but soon it will be confirmed when it is going to be launched for Microsoft Windows. You’re the protagonist, who finds himself on a strange planet, looks like Mars, with approximately 22 minutes before the event, in which the sun goes supernova and kills them all. However, as the player, you continually repeat this cycle by learning details that will help you change the outcome on later walkthroughs. 

Become an Astronaut

It takes place on a strange planet, offering an open world environment to navigate. However, you play the role of an astronaut who starts his journey from a first-person perspective. Like other FPS games, the player just experiences the landscape from the protagonist’s eye, but can’t able to watch his hands, a lack of this game. The storyline follows an astronaut, who follows his journey by starting out camping on a planet near his rocket. Within twenty-two minutes, the sun will go supernova, ending the game, though it will restart at the same point. Therefore, the player is forced to navigate the galaxy to discover and learn how the astronauts got there, why the sun will go supernova, the alien race, and the secrets of the Normal. During exploration, you will find lots of advanced technologies, including modern spaceship with highly detailed features, alien technology, and more.

Gameplay – How to Play

Outer Wilds is a First-person game about navigating a small solar system comprising a handful of planets full of interesting information and creatures. In the game, you pilot a spaceship, interact with some stuff, and you die. After that, you fly from another planet, discover the same stuff, and then die again. Significantly, the game offers a mystery sandbox gameplay. Each loo will start from your home planet of Timber Hearth. There are lots of astronauts scattered across the system already, and you can visit planets to encounter with them if you like, but they’re simply sitting in their campfires, making marshmallows, and more.

Open-ended Structure

During exploration, the knowledge you obtain is only the way to advance through the game. As you come across discoveries and clues, they’re recorded in log aboard your ship. However, all these clues are mixed together to guide you along different dangling threads of the plot. The open-ended structure of the game allows you to tackle whichever parts of the mystery you want to explore. Unfortunately, links don’t highlight the next piece of the puzzle, but instead, are suggestive nudges that will definitely assist you to determine when it’s secure to advance forward from one discover to next one.

A World That Changes Over Time

To release the rocket, you should guide the astronaut to a local observatory, where the codes are placed. Once you have done this step in one walkthrough, the information won’t change. So you must bypass the observatory and release the rocket with the discovered codes. Although the entire galaxy repeats itself the same 22 minutes each time you start playing the game, it will change throughout that period, making some parts of the galaxy visible at specific times. In the last, let’s talk about the protagonist, who is equipped with two meters, one for health and second for oxygen. The meters are replenished when you return to the rocket. However, if your health or oxygen will run out, you will die but respawn back on the home planet.

Unearth Mysteries

The deeply captivating narrative and lots of hidden mysteries of Outer Wilds push you further into the manipulation of its varied and stunning solar system. However, the time loop you’re stuck in allows you to make small expeditions that will end up telling their unique storylines, irrespective of whether you make a discovery or encounter an interaction.

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