Oops! Xbox leaks the next DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Recently, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed the next downloadable content character for Dragon Ball FighterZ, will be Janemba. However, with the release of Kid Goku GT earlier this week, gossips had turned to who the fourth and final DLC character might be, while Bandai Namco had yet to announce its details. The director of Xbox named Larry Hryb reveals the secret related to the latest title, this week on Xbox Show.  

Major Nelson Statement

Earlier this week, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works announced the latest update for the fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ. Therefore, in an unexpected reveal, the fourth and final fighter for the Season 2 has been confirmed during the latest show, hosted by Larry Hyrb. So, in the celebration of Kid Goku day and the new update for the game, there’s a section in the video above, where Major Nelson mentioned the Dragon Ball Z antagonist named Janemba.

Janemba is on the way or not?

Moreover, the brief discussion on Janemba resulted in gamers thinking that is was the slip of tongue on the end of Xbox Show, but apparently, this isn’t a case. After that, when a huge crowd of fans reached out to the official Xbox’s Twitter account, where they not only mentioned that Janemba was on the way to Dragon Ball FighterZ as a DLC fighter but also sleekly confirmed an individual claiming it was a leak.

Till now, Bandai Namco hasn’t official confirmed Janemba for FighterZ. But if this DLC character is on the way, then the release date shouldn’t be too far.

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