Nintendo Direct will focus on Super Mario Maker 2, coming Today

Saiba Khan

Nintendo Direct Focuses on SMK 2

The next Nintendo Direct will introduce SMK 2, serving as the sequel to its DIY Mario video game. Recently, Nintendo Tweeted on its official account that Super Mario Maker 2 will take center stage for the Nintendo Switch in Nintendo Direct, a set of video game series specially dedicated to previewing new titles. The company released a trailer back in February to get its fans excited when confirmed Super Mario Maker 2. However, the video reveals custom content focused on Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario World, which were added in the first title.

Mario Level Creator

Moreover, a new Nintendo Direct Presentation is rolling out this week, according to the company. However, the broadcast will release on 15 May 2019, and it will focus on one of the fascinating Nintendo Switch titles in this summer, Super Mario Maker 2. The official Twitter account reveals that the Nintendo Direct will run for approximately 15 minutes and it will be full of new details about the upcoming update regarding Mario Level Creator. 

Nintendo will broadcast the Direct the Nintendo Direct on its official Website, Twitch, and YouTube Channels.

What is Super Mario Maker?

Super Mario Maker 2 is an upcoming title which deals with Side-scroll and Platforming genres, similar to the Traditional Release. It also introduces the game creation system, unlike the original title and it will be released on 28 June 2019. However, it acts as a follow-up of Super Mario Maker and the title was first appeared on the Nintendo Wii U in the year 2015, in which the player is capable of creating his custom courses using the prominent assets from different titles across the Super Mario Franchise and also able to share them online.

The game plays from a side-scroll and the player can build his courses to publish them into the Internet. Several new elements will be a part of this game. However, some prominent features will be absent from the original release, including slopes, customizable auto-scroll direction, and more.

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