Nier Replicant Review – A Prequel to Nier Automata

Saiba Khan

If you are familiar with Nier Automata then you might know that the game is about discovering humanity across the land devoid of life. On the other hand, Nier Replicant is about the world desperately fighting against harsh condition to preserve what mankind it has left. In the plight, get ready to fight for the rest of humanity and for those who can’t defend themselves. Keep reading the review to find more information regarding Neir Replicant.

The prequel of Nier: Automata sees a young protagonist sets out on an epic adventure with Grimoire Weiss, a strange book that talks, to find out Sealed verses. Searching the said object is compulsory for the protagonist to rescue his little sister named Yonah. According to the plot, Yonah is badly ill because of the Black Scrawl.


Surely, the emotional plot will force you to battle any type of monsters and evils who are more powerful than you. Asides from the story, the game features a beautiful blend of Action Role-playing with a story-rich component and hack-and-slash twist. Navigation is possible only from a third-person viewpoint whether you are navigating the environment or slaying monsters. Furthermore, the updated version of the game, Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is released out of Japan.


Find out the prequel to the most acknowledged masterpiece Nier: Automata that has been released with modern mechanics, revised graphics, and a fabulous plot. The game sees a protagonist who is struggling to rescue her sister, falling terminally ill to the Black Scrawl. To save her, you should join the player with a talking book to find out the Sealed Verses. For the first time, you are going to experience the west through the protagonist’s perspective, a brother.


Moreover, the game is set near the future where the world is standing on the brink of extinction. A black scrawl disease has invaded the world and no one could bring it back to peace, except you. When exploring the land, you should fulfill promises you did with your people of revealing the truth behind the world and prepare to confront everything in this dark tale.


Like the sequel, Nier Replicant comes with an extensive customization feature. Modifying a character’s skills, weapons, and magic is now possible using the power of words in a better way. Make devastating weapons and fight back dreadful enemies and their bosses to proceed with the storyline. During a fight, your character can perform a variety of stunts that you should master before embarking on a journey so there will be no one who could defeat them.

Mesmerizing Iconic Soundtrack

The introduction of a newly recorded soundtrack is a plus point for the game. The composer of Nier: Automata, named Keiichi Okabe, has recorded the song; therefore, people from across the world are praising the work the composer did.

Speedy Gameplay

Finally, the game has broken the cap of 60 FPS, and let you play at 90 FPS. The better FPS you have, the better gameplay you enjoy. It seems like the game works on the phenomena of Sonic the Hedgehog wherein the character starts with slow speed but reaches its max after a few seconds though. For now, there is no feature to cap the frames, so you are supposed to do it manually using the NVidia control panel or using any third-party software.


I am pleased to experience such a fabulous game which is quite better than the previous title, though it’s a prequel. Watching a boy struggling for the life of his sister is much heart-touching moment; meanwhile, the newly introduced soundtrack makes you feel like the gameplay is set in reality. Apart from that, graphics are mouth-watering and mechanics are almost realistic. Embark on a journey to slay enemies and monsters for the completion of quests. would love to rate the game 9.5 stars out of 10.

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