New Races confirmed in summer update of GTA Online and Red Dead Online

Saiba Khan

A recent blog post by Rockstar gives a glimpse of what is coming up in the big summer update to GTA Online and Red Dead Online. The posts state “bring back car culture in a big way” showing that there will be something big for gamers who are looking for something new as they are bored with the existing features of both games. New updates will not just contain races as players can do more than they can imagine and maybe they have to fight again in the wildlands.

Eight New Races

You also need to get ready as Rockstar will also release more than eight new stunt races on 27th May and the next update after this will feature new areas in the game. The survival mode will out your survival instinct to a test as you will be fighting in various locations throughout Los Santos and Blaine County for your life.

Potential Outlaw

The upcoming update is labeled as a potential outlaw by the gaming community but a fan-made trailer released in 2016 refers to these updates way back in the past. Most gamers and lovers of these two games were already looking for such updates due to all the hype but finally, the wait is over, all thanks to the hard work of developers.

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