Native mouse and keyboard support coming for Xbox One, starting with Fortnite

Saiba Khan

After releasing the native keyboard and mouse support for the console Xbox One in September 2018, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be reaching in Fortnite next week!

Arguably, one of the main notable drawbacks of the console is the unavailability of input devices like Keyboard and mouse of your choice. Due to the console design, it is difficult to simulate the aiming ability that is only possible using a mouse.
Luckily, once again Microsoft has stepped up to provide what lots of players are looking for the support of native mouse and keyboard. Microsoft has teamed up with Razer to release a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard which is compatible with the Xbox One Console.

Today, there is a good news for those players who are looking for support of input method in the console. Microsoft has confirmed that Fortnite will be the first title to receive the support on November 14th, 2018.
You don’t need to worry, Xbox One has wielded developers with the essential tools to separate mouse and keyboard players into their matchmaking pools if they select to do so. Matches will begin to be good and balanced in Fortnite video game, it totally depends on your choice which input method you would like to use.
Players don’t need to expect all games of Xbox One to play friendly with newly introduced mouse and keyboard functionality right out of its released. It’s all up to developers to figure out how it works with their video games and patch things up accordingly.
War Thunder, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Bomber Crew, X-Morph, Strange Bridge, and Deep Rock Galactic will also get supports later in November.

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