Microsoft might roll Game Pass and Xbox Live into one Subscription for $15/Month

Saiba Khan

Microsoft is planning to release a new Ultimate Pass subscription that mixes Xbox Game Pass and Xbox live Gold into a single monthly subscription. The news was first revealed by a Twitter user h0x0d, about the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription, and it also claims that the service will be introduced at $14.99 per month.

The combination of both subscription into a single monthly charge will let Xbox owners save around $5 per month. I know, it’s not a massive saving, but the new Xbox Game Pass offering lots of sense for the new disc-less Xbox One S of Microsoft since this video game console will not add a Blue-ray drive and also rely on Xbox Subscription services and digital downloads.

Microsoft has performed an experiment with bundling services and even the Xbox hardware merging into single subscriptions previously. However, the company released an Xbox All Access Subscription that provides its users a lease Xbox One X, Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold all together for only $34.99 per month. But, it was a limited time offer. 

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