Let’s Play Golf in Doom – Hellshots Mod

Saiba Khan

As you know, Doom is a horror first-person shooter video game, taking place in a terrible world full of demons. So, in this harsh environment have you ever imagined to play golf? I don’t think so! If you’re a golf lover then get ready to grab your wedge and hit the golf ball to put it into the hole to make the point like real sports but with a twist.

It’s not a simple task as you’re considering. While playing the game, you will face off demons around you trying to tear your arms off. All that things are going to happen in Hellshots Golf, a mod for Doom game that replaces your weapon with the wedge and let you decide your path around a complete 18-hole course in as few shots as you can.

Aside from the one hole with vicious demons, it would be as relaxing as the round on a realistic course. All the holes in the game are situated in different kinds of locations. During the gameplay, you have a chance to go with the shortcut, but as you know every shortcut contains several challenges and is riskier.

Before playing a shot, you’re capable of getting a preview of your stroke to find out the location where your ball will go, and you can see it from different angles using the free-flying camera. At any time, you can return to the beginning point of the hole and reset the score, if you don’t like how things are turning out.

You’ll require a copy of the original Doom video game to play this mod. Moreover, you can experience Multiplayer mode with friends, where you obtain a paint gun to fulfill your goals. You can visit page to download Hellshots mod.

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