Kingdom Hearts 3 Expansion Pack and Critical Mode are confirmed

“Tetsuya Nomura Says”

According to the game’s director, Kingdom Hearts 3 Downloadable Content Pack (DLC) is in under construction. During an interview, the director Tetsuya Nomura announced the development is underway for the DLC pack. However, he is also revealed that the post-rerelease content will come with Critical Mode – an increased difficulty mode for hardcore fans – and the story expansions which targets to complete the blank places that may have some players a bit worried.

Release Date of Kingdom Hearts DLC?

The director revealed that we aim to release the full DLC pack before the end of 2019. Before launching a Final Mix, which will encompass both the game and all the Downloadable Content Pack. While the main focus is to release the free updates, premium DLC will be published later.

“I think the free Expansion pack will be released in the form of free updates from what I can do, but pay DLC pack is planning to release with several elements at once as a batch.”

Additionally, he said that “I am pleased to confirm that it will take some time to create a fee-based DLC, but very soon, maybe within a year, I would like the team to take over the next work.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available to play on PS4 and Xbox One.

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