Innersloth stopped working on Among Us 2 for a Good Reason

Saiba Khan

Unfortunately, the 2nd of Among Us isn’t coming this year, confirmed by the developer Innersloth. In a blog post, the developer confirmed that the decision was made because of a recent spike in popularity for the survival game, which was downloaded by more than 41 Million users back in September alone. Therefore, the developer-focused on expanding the content of Among Us instead of working on a new title.

Innersloth confirms in its post that the content the studio had planned for Among Us 2 will release into Among Us 1. Without any doubt, it’s quite challenging to go deep into the code of the game to start revising and reworking on several parts of it. Developers are quite excited to bring new content to every user as you continue to enjoy playing the game.

Moreover, the new expansion packs include the following things, such as New Server, Colorblind Support, a New Stage, Account System, and more. These aren’t the end; many other things are in queue to develop/improve and release. Although the developer didn’t confirm an exact date to release new content for players, Innersloth writes that “working on servers required a lot of time;” however, the new friend/account system will take some time.

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