How to Reduce Ping when Playing PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile?

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Nowadays, Battle Royale Genre is on its peak and ruling over the gaming industry for a few years. Since the release of PUBG, players are suffering from Ping problem that appears when they are in the game. Therefore, the majority of players are always in search of different working ways to reduce/fix the Ping to have a smooth gaming experience. If you’re new to Battle Royale genre, then you should know first that what is Ping.

What is Ping in PUBG Mobile? 

If you don’t know, then let me tell you that Ping is measured by the time required for a request to reach your selected server and return as a response. In short, Ping represents your internet speed, the better internet connection has low Ping, while the slower internet connection has high Ping. Lagging in PUBG Mobile is caused by high Ping, and you can’t be able to control the movement of your character accurately.

PUBG Mobile

Whenever the connection back, most of the time, you find your character dead or in the red zone. Ping is also referred as latency, and we compiled a list of best ways how to fix Ping in PUBG Mobile, and other Battle Royale games like Call of Duty Mobile, Garena Free, and Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile.

Good Ping Range in PUBG Mobile

The Ping should be as low as possible to play any online game because higher Ping creates a lot of problems for you to face off, and sometimes disturb your gaming experience.

  • 20-40msGreat
  • 50-70msGood
  • 80-120msAverage
  • 160-200msSomehow Acceptable
  • 200-250msBad
  • 250ms+Very Bad

After knowing the scales of Ping, you should discover the reasons that affect Ping or Latency. We have also covered factors which directly affect the Ping badly; some of them are mentioned below.

  • Internet Connection
  • Distance
  • Auto Update
  • Background Apps
  • Network Strength
  • RAM

How to improve Ping in PUBG Mobile?

Now, we’re going to reveal “How to reduce Ping in PUBG Mobile?” Here are the 5 best steps you can use to improve the latency.

Check Your Internet Speed

Whenever you discover high Ping during the game, the first thing you should check is your Internet Speed. Using different types of online software, you can do a speed test. Upon finding lower Ping, you should instantly switch your router from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz. Configure your Wi-Fi setting after logging into your account. Search for the “Advanced Setting” to change the mode from Traffic to Extreme. Restart the router, and check the speed.

Turn Off Auto-updates/Synchronization

Many times, most of your internet speed consumes by Synchronization or auto-updates. Therefore, whenever you start playing the game, don’t forget to disable both services to experience the smooth gaming experience. To turn off the Synchronization, you should need to follow the given steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Click on “Accounts/Synchronization”
  • Turn it off

Turn off Background Apps

Background running applications not only consume your data but also suck RAM and Memory resources. Therefore, it is much better to turn them off from background activities to give a boost to your device.

Connect to Nearest Server

Sometimes, players prefer to set up their game far away from their locations on another territory. Having a long distance is also a solid reason to experience high Ping. You can get rid of this problem by merely choosing the nearest server from your location.

Use the Game Booster App

Nowadays, modern devices are releasing with built-in Game Booster. Adding the PUBG Mobile to Game Booster will help you to maintain the Ping by closing the background running apps and turning-off all types of auto-updates as well as Synchronization.


In case you don’t have a stable internet connection, then I recommend you to install for good gameplay experience. You should follow the steps mentioned above to reduce your Ping if you are suffering from high latency.

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