How to make V-Bucks free in Fortnite

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Fortnite is a Multiplayer and Battle Royale game contains two modes such as Save the World and Battle Royale. The game tasks players from across the globe with battling waves of hucks as they create their bases and attempt to free the areas invaded by a strange storm. In this article, we discuss how to get more V-Bucks free in Fortnite. V-Bucks are one of the premium currencies of the game, letting players unlock special items in the game.

Fortnite V-Bucks

V-Bucks (also known as Vindertech Bucks) is an in-game currency. Player uses V-Bucks to purchase items from the in-game Store in Save the World mode. They can also utilize the in-game currency to buy the cosmetic item from the Item shops and the Battle Pass in Battle Royale.

Free V-Bucks from Daily Log-ins

This is the easiest way to get your both hands on a small amount of free cash. Logging into the account each day will offer you a little extra free cash. You need to fire up the game every day and start banking those free V-Buck. Probably, it isn’t the fastest way towards tricking out your avatar, but it includes over time and remains a dependable ongoing way towards fattening up your in-game wallet.

Free V-Bucks from Daily Quests

When you sign in your Fortnite account you’ll receive rotating missions from the system. After completing the missions, you will receive free V-Bucks and are capable of spending them on purchasing of items for the Battle Royale mode.

Storm Shield Defense Mission

There is another straightforward way to make V-Bucks absolutely free by completing tasks in an array of locations dotted across the map.

How much does Fortnite V-Bucks Cost?

We’ve outlined the pricing of V-Bucks, so check that out.

1,000 V-Bucks ($9.99)
2,500 V-Bucks + 300 Bonus ($24.99)
6,000 V-Bucks + 1500 Bonus ($59.99)
10,000 V-Bucks + 3,500 Bonus ($99.99)

Avoiding V-Bucks Scams

A simple search on Google or YouTube will offer you plenty of results that claim to make free V Bucks, which become the serious issue that Epic Games has addressed themselves. The developer of the game advising players to avoid any such type of websites or tools to claim free in-game currency. The best solution is for you to never trust any video or link that claims to earn you lots of free V-Bucks that doesn’t point to any official statement.

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