How to Earn and Use Battle Points and Crates in PUBG

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PUBG deals with Multiplayer Battle Royale genre, developed by PUBG Corporation. I think that this game doesn’t need any reference to being described because everyone is crazy about it. However, PUBG is based on previous mods that were developed by Brendan for other titles using the movie Battle Royale for inspiration.

PUBG – One of the Best Battle Royale Games

In the game, up to 100 players from across the world parachute onto an island and scavenge for equipment, weapons and essential tools to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves.

As the game start, you need to get access to the safe zone due to the shrinking size of the map over time. Therefore, players are forced to tighter areas for encounters. However, the last team or player standing wins the match.

What is Battle Points?

While getting and winning that hot chicken dinner is the main objective of PUBG, lots of players want to concentrate on the game’s aesthetic side, which requires them getting BP (Battle Points).

BP is actually the in-game currency that you can use to purchase Pioneer Crates. These awesome crates come with fashionable clothing and cosmetic gear that you can apply to your selected avatar. However, the price of each crate gradually increases, means the 2nd crate will cost you more than the first crate, and so on.

How to Earn Battle Points?

Getting Battle Points (BP) is essential in PUBG if you’re really excited to unlock as many crates as possible. Thankfully, making BP is not random in this game and by learning how you can make more Battle Points, you can perform well toward earning more.

Points aren’t awarded players for completing first, nor are they rewarded players just for kills, unlike other games. In PUBG, you can get BP points based on the following actions:

  • Hits (Damage to Enemies)
  • Rank (End-game Rank)
  • Kills (Number of Kills)

According to the gameplay, there are only three parameters that you can use to receive Battle Points, if you can improve all these factors then you can successfully increase the amount of BP you earn per match.

Means, if you manage to be one of the few players from around the world to survive, you will receive a massive amount of BP, even if you don’t manage to kill so many players. Simultaneously, if you die as the started but manage to kill lots of opponents, you’ll still capable of receiving a handsome amount of BP.

How PUBG Crates work?

PUBG isn’t about killing, trolling, and maiming. It is a bit about fashion show as well, with expanding variety of cosmetics that you can earn via PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Crates. The valuable items, weapon skins, and cosmetics you can purchase through the in-game store using the Battle Points.

How to Get PUBG Crates

You can easily obtain crates either by purchasing them through in-game store using the Battle Points or by buying them using real money. However, Battle Points can be earned through playing the game. The number of BP Points depends on the number of kills you get and the longer you remain alive.

Crates with Cost

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds crates cost more Battle Points with each individual crate you get in a week. It helps the player to maintain the valuable items and make sure the game has an item economy. Moreover, the first crate will cost you 700 Battle Points, the price then gradually increases for each new crate. You can obtain six PUBG crates per week and their prices are the following:

  • First Crate will Cost you 700 BP
  • The second Crate will Cost you 1400 BP
  • The third Crate will Cost you 2800 BP
  • The fourth Crate will Cost you 4200 BP
  • The fifth Crate will Cost you 5600 BP
  • The sixth Crate will Cost you 7000 BP

When you purchase a PUBG crate using BP, it is randomly decided which crate you’re going to receive. Currently, there is no way using which you can pick up your favorite one between crates that need keys to be opened and crates that can open for free.

There are six crate types in PUBG that need a key to be opened, including Fever Crate, the Gamescom Invitational Crate, and Desperado Crate. They are all opened with the Early Bird Key.

Types of Crates in PUBG

There are 11 types of PUBG crates that you can buy to open and get awesome cosmetics:

  1. Survivor Crate
  2. Wanderer Crate
  3. Biker
  4. Militia
  5. Aviator
  6. Equinox
  7. Triumph
  8. Gamescom Invitational
  9. Raider
  10. Desperado
  11. Fever

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available to play on Xbox One, PC, and Mobile Devices.

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