Hitman 3 Review – Agent 47 is Back

Saiba Khan

Finally, the Hitman 3 is released players were waiting. The game retains the traditional stealth game elements of the series. It is the third entry in the series of Hitman video games, taking you to the world of assassination. Furthermore, it is the decisive conclusion to the adventures of Agent 47 in the most creative gameplay. Fans call it the best part of the Hitman series with its new challenges, flawless maps, and strong storytelling that makes the player feel like they are in the story.

Introduction of Six New Levels

Hitman 3 has six new levels with fun new adventures to do and six different maps to conquer. All of this alone is somewhat a happy ending and something to look forward to. It is a masterpiece of graphics, level design, and performance.

Brand-new Adventures on different Locations

All the things about this game are unique and perfect. It starts with Agent 47 parachuting down to the Burj Khalifa and entering it. Then the game takes you on a series of adventures in a manor in the UK, then to Germany. Afterward, you move to China, where the visual will soothe your eyes and the vintage map of Argentina to conclude the story beautifully. Every level brings a new challenge to the player and rushes the adrenaline with supreme graphics and visuals. I won’t go into detail about the scenario or spoil it for you.

A Well-written Storyline

The extended sequel to the first two Hitman games, Hitman 3, succeeded in winning the hearts of players. With a fascinating story that is a mix between Hitman: Absolution and Blood Money, Hitman 3 fits well with loyal fans. They got too reminiscent about the other series while concluding the story of Agent 47.

IOI used the same structure as the precedents of the game but with advanced levels and assassinations. The game can make a rookie feel like a pro with its complex missions and sophisticated kills. The game provides a better context to clues and finally lets you end the Order-Esque secret society stalking.

Make use of Spy Camera

What’s new is a spy-camera with which you can hack into environmental objects and use them. Also, now Grey is the central character and temporary substitute to Diana Burnwood. Grey will help you in hacking with the spy cam to reveal more secrets and keypad codes.

The new integrated design will make you feel like a real-life detective, going around looking for clues. The bumbling and accidental fails will prove helpful in the longer run. As you keep on proceeding, you will laugh off your mistakes and will love the game.

New Modes

Hitman 3 makes the Hitman series a deep Interactive, and Mysterious trilogy with a perfect story. It has all the new modes to make you excited and enthusiastic to play. As Hitman is a single person game, you will feel all the rush in your blood vessels, making you energetic. The available modes are the following:

  • Campaign
  • Elusive Targets
  • Escalations
  • Contracts Mode
  • Sniper Assassin
  • Ghost Mode


The game is also available on Stadia, so you can easily play it anywhere. But the visuals are perfect for satisfying your craving. Hitman 3 serves as the ideal ending to the Hitman series with its six lit levels, adept storytelling, intricate maps, excellent visuals, and fantastic gameplay. We would love to give 9 out of 10.

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