Hitman 2 Update: Agent 47 is ready to go on Vacation with some Twists

Saiba Khan

September Roadmap features “New Missions” and “Unlocks”

It’s time to have fun with Agent 47 by taking a break from his assassin life. Pack your bags to go to holidays and enjoy sunbath on beaches, interact with buddies, and walk on sands – all these things you’re planning to do, but wait a minute, superiors have some arrangements for you (Agent 47). So in this month, our favorite “Shaved Head” hero is jetting off to Heaven Island, a resort in The Maldives. Upon reaching, a set of challenging missions become available at the beginning of September and will remain to its end that offers several unlocks, new targets, and exciting missions to complete.

Two escalation contracts are coming in this September, whence the first contract will have Agent 47 come back the New York Bank to take down new targets wearing the cutest disguise and the bank robber disguise with a funny bonus bunny mask. However, the 2nd contract, known as The Covert Dispersal, challenges you to destroy a garden party by removing the undercover officers.

Unlock a Lavish Cashmerian Suit

The Dubious Cohabitation contact will the next roadmap become available on September 12 and set out our shaved-head agent on an epic mission to find his old assassin friend. If everything goes as planned and your skills are on-point, then Agent 47 have a lavish cashmerian suit.

The Blackmailer is the first Legacy Elusive Target, released on 13 September. According to the plot, the target will be traveling on the catwalks of Paris, and Agent 47 needs to take him out and restore the secret memory stick. However, another contract will release included on 19 September, known as the Merle Revelation which has the protagonist to infiltrate a cult disguised as a Shaman.

Get Ready to Explore haven Island

On 24 September 2019, Haven Island will become available for owners of expansion pack. Alongside the Sunny Resort, there are two expansion pass assignments such as a Silver Tongue and the Bitter Pill. Finally, the next Legacy Elusive target will appear included on 27 September 2019, known as The Angel of Death. The developers are always trying to include featured game updates, contracts, and a live stream as the month progresses. With two released epic contracts and the next one is set to publish on 12 September, it seems like Summer Vacation is over for our hero, hoping Christmas holidays may have more fun.  

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